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Latest In Adjustment Of Status

by Christina LaBrie, et al.

Citations for ILW.COM's Seminar
Latest In Adjustment Of Status

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From Christina B. LaBrie

  • Matter of Laureano, 19 I&N Dec. 1 (BIA 1983) (Providing list of evidence relevant to show bona fide nature of marriage)
  • Matter of Perez-Vargas, 23 I&N Dec. 829 (BIA 2005) (Holding that IJ has no authority to make determination on portability exercised
  • under INA Section 204(j).
  • T/U Adjustment regulation
  • IRS webpage on ordering tax transcripts

From Daniel Horne

From Nadeen Aljijakli

  • Matter of Areguillin, 17 I&N Dec. 308 (BIA 1980) (holding that an applicant’s credible testimony may demonstrate admission for the purposes of adjustment of status).
  • Instructions for submitting applications in Immigration Court to USCIS

From Ilyce Shugall

  • FBI Identification Record Request here.
From Christina B. LaBrie

From Joren Lyons

  • Affidavits of Support: Generally: INA 213A
  • Requirement for sponsor to file change of address: 8 CFR 213a.3
  • Reimbursement provisions: 8 CFR 213a.4
  • Asylee and Refugee Adjustment effective dates: 8 CFR 209.1(e) (refugees); 209.2(f) (asylees)
  • Voluntary Reavailment Issues: "Readmission of Asylees and Refugees Without Travel Documents, "Memorandum of Bo Cooper (INS General Counsel), November 23, 1999, HQCOU 90/15-P.

About The Author

Christina LaBrie are the speakers for Latest In Adjustment Of Status. To purchase an audio CD of all 3 sessions, see here.

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