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Articles by Roger Algase

Deportation - the battle between humanity and hate goes on

Bloggings: America's progress as an exporter may be running ahead of its progress on the same sex immigration rights front

Bloggings: Correction and clarification. Roger Algase

Bloggings: Did Senator Barack Obama really vote to kill immigration reform in 2007? Roger Algase

Barack Obama's bankrupt immigration "centrism"

Bloggings: Obama's immigration speech was a farce - immigration reform will come when the Republicans agree to higher taxes on the wealthy. Roger Algase

Police State racist anti-immigrant laws: are the states the only problem?

Barack Obama is now a one-term president. Are his chicken immigration policies coming home to roost?

Obama's alligators of deportation and denial

Bloggings: Immigrant rights and the future of American democracy

Bloggings: Why DOMA is unconstitutional - some additional thoughts

The biggest immigration story of 2011 may be about US citizens

Blogging: New York tries to get out of its bargain with the DHS. Will the Empire State have better luck than Faust? Roger Algase

Bloggings: What is the difference between xenophobia and racism?

Immigrants and the 2012 election

Bloggings: Did the Supreme Court take too much license with Arizona's licenses?

Bloggings: Some comments on Harry DeMell's article about federal preemption.

Bloggings: Newt Gingrich is now at the top of the Republican polls. Is this because of his tolerance toward Latino immigrants or his hatred of Muslim Americans?

Bloggings: Can Gingrich become president by running to the left of Obama on immigration? Yes he can.

Are there 11 million "Troy Davises" in America?

America's right turn from Nation of Immigrants to Deportation Nation

Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care?

Will Obama's cynical and shortsighted anti-immigrant policies cost him re-election?

Bloggings: The Supreme Court intervenes in the dispute over Arizona's immigration law. Will America become the next Balkans?

"Watch what we do, not what we say"

A few more thoughts about the effect of 9/11 on immigration

Bloggings: Clarification of previous comments about H-1B

Bloggings: Obama and Gingrich: "prosecutorial discretion" vs. deportation panels - the future of an illusion?

Some more thoughts on Alabama's horrendous immigration law

How Safe Is The 14th Amendment's Guarantee Of Birthright US Citizenship From Attack By The Far Right?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A TN Management Consultant?

Bloggings: A few additional thoughts about presidential power to disregard DOMA

Bloggings: The four horsemen of American immigration policy: Idiocy, Ignorance, Intolerance and Insanity.

Morton memo? What Morton memo?

Bloggings:"Wary Hispanic Voters Favor Obama Over GOP Rivals"

Newt Gingrich battles against the alligators in the Republican immigration moat

Bloggings: Jose Antonio Vargas - does he stand a chance?

Obama comes under more racist attacks for not giving fast enough support to the Republicans' anti-immigrant agenda

Rick Perry gets support from Joe Arpaio. From the moat to the desert tents.

Gingrich says "adios" to immigration reality: deportation - si! humanity - no!

Some suggestions about filing successful H-1B cases

Electrifying news! Cain may have to quit running for president!

The need for competent immigration examiners - and effective advocacy by immigration attorneys

The handwriting is on the wall for hate in America, and not only for those who hate immigrants

Which is a greater disqualification for the presidency - unproven sexual harassment allegations, taking money from the Koch brothers, or advocating mass killing of immigrants? Take your pick

Why Are The Republicans Against Immigration Reform?

The Right Wing Spin Machine Goes Into High Gear Against Obama On Immigration Reform.

President Obama Releases His Long Form Birth Certificate: An Additional Thought on the Birther Movement and Immigration

Immigration and Diversity - Some International Comparisons

Obama Comes Under Pressure To Curb Deportations

Obama Finally Got Osama. Does This Mean Anything For Immigration?

"Congress Must Act Now to Provide Unified Direction for America's Immigration Policy, So That The States Will Not Impose Their Own Patchwork Solutions": Will This Mantra Overcome the Problem of Prejudice?

Two desperate Republican extremists rely on anti-immigrant hate to keep their presidential hopes alive