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Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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  • We are the only daily immigration law periodical -- your ad will appear in three (3) places: in our email newsletter, on our web site, and in our archives.
  • We offer a targeted audience -- with 35,000+ subscribers, what better place to advertise your legal hiring needs or your immigration-related services?
  • We offer national coverage -- unlike regional or local newspapers, ILW.COM readers span the globe.
  • We provide fast service -- since we are a web-based organization, we are quick and nimble.
  • We provide you with guidance -- we offer suggestions to your ad text to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Pricing is based per ad -- we don't charge by word count - each ad allows 200 words or fewer.
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We created our pricing packages based on our experience and our desire to help you achieve your goals. Our pricing packages reflect the different goals of help wanted and service providers.

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Classifieds Advertising Options
Help Wanted Ad

$99 - 2 consecutive weeks (10 ads)

Help wanted ads are time-sensitive and require immediate response. Once the hiring need is over, the hiring firm no longer needs an ad presence.

We've found a two week consecutive run is ideal timeframe to maximize a help wanted ad's response.

Service Provider Ad

$999 - 1x a week/year (52 ads)

Service providers have different needs. They want to be in the minds of their target client base over the long term.

An ad placed less frequently but over a longer timeframe achieves this objective.

First Time Trial Offer:
$399 - 1x a week/3 mos (13 ads)

The 3-month option allows service providers who are unfamiliar with ILW classifieds to try it for a limited period. This is also a good option for those interested in buying/selling an immigration law practice or those who wish to promote an event or conference.

How Do I Place An Ad?
It's easy to place an ad with ILW.COM. Here's how:

Step 1
Complete online payment + ad text (we accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover).

Step 2
You will receive an email payment confirmation which serves as your receipt of payment.

Step 3
Once payment is received, you will be contacted via email regarding any revision recommendations, if any for your ad text. That's it -- your ad will appear in the next issue of Immigration Daily shipping out.

Note: For your security, our computerized payment system does not retain any credit card information.
Note: Prefer to pay by check/fax? No problem. Fax us (212-545-0869) a copy of the check + fax order form before mailing out your check. The cancelled check is your receipt. If you require an invoice, please indicate this on your fax and you will receive a printed invoice. Mail checks to: ILW.COM, PO Box 1830, NY, NY 10156-1830.


Q: Can I pay for my ads once it appears on ILW.COM?
Payment must be received in full before the ad is run. If you're interested, please complete the online form which includes credit card information and ad text information. Once the form has been received, ILW.COM will review your ad and will made suggestions to maximize its success, if appropriate.

Q: How do you determine which ad is placed first?
Ads appear in the order they were placed, with the most recently submitted ads placed first.

Q: What types of ads have been featured in Immigration Daily?
Immigration Daily is best suited for:

  • Help wanted: Immigration Attorneys
  • Help wanted: Paralegals
  • Help wanted: Legal Assistants
  • Positions Sought: Immigration Attorney, Paralegal, Legal Assistant
  • Service Providers catering to Immigration attorneys/other Immigration Professionals

Q: Who reads Immigration Daily?
Immigration Daily is a free periodical and anyone can subscribe, simply by submitting his/her email address on our homepage. Although, no registration is required, we have a good understanding of our client base. Immigration Daily has 35,000+ readers consisting of 10,000+ immigration professionals (attorneys and law firm staff), and other readers (includes immigrants, media professionals, government officials of all branches -- executive, judicial, legislative, and HR professionals).

Q: What is ILW.COM's refund policy concerning classifieds?
All sales are final and no refunds are provided. If the ad is cancelled prior to the beginning of the ad's run, ILW.COM offers a full credit (valid for one year) that can be applied to any ILW.COM product/service.

Q: For help wanted classifieds, what are the standard headlines?
Help wanted headlines fall under three (3) categories:

  • Immigration Attorney
  • Immigration Paralegal
  • Immigration Professional
Legal Assistant positions are grouped under the Immigration Paralegal headline. Experience level is not included in the headline, e.g. senior, experienced, entry.

Q: I would like to place a help wanted for a paralegal and an attorney. How many ads is this considered?

  1. Help wanted ads for different positions are considered two (2) ads, e.g. Immigration Paralegal vs. Immigration Attorney.
  2. Help wanted ads for multiple like kind positions with the same headline (see above) are considered one (1) ad, e.g. Immigration Attorneys.
  3. Like kind positions, regardless of experience level, are considered one ad, e.g. two Immigration Attorneys positions are open: one junior level, one senior level. This is considered one (1) ad.

Q: Does ILW.COM offer banner advertising?
ILW.COM does not currently run banner ads on our site. We stopped doing so because we found through our experience banner ads, in general, are ineffective and do not yield our clients the results they desire.

Q: Where can I view current classifieds listings?
To view current classifieds, see here. Use our search tool to browse past classifieds listings (submit the appropriate search term, e.g. help wanted immigration attorney, help wanted immigration paralegal, help wanted immigration professional, etc.).

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: