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Immigration Daily January 15, 2003
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Editor's Comments

In today's Featured Article, Gary Endelman calls for a point system for legalizing undocumented workers. He says: "Several countries, Canada is the best known, have adopted a points system as the basis of their legal immigration system but no country so far has used it as a way to come to terms with illegal immigration. Let's be the first! Moreover, almost all, with the possible exception of New Zealand, point systems favor the highly educated while discouraging the lesser skilled who do hard, dirty, boring, and low paying jobs that often go begging but remain essential." To those who argue that legalizing undocumented essential workers would create considerable competition for domestic workers, Mr. Endelman says "give the undocumented true mobility to find better jobs by not linking their legal status to any particular employer. The marketplace, not another layer of DOL regulations that will neither be readily understood nor easily implemented, protects the legitimate interests of US workers. An essential worker who has the ability to walk is the US worker's best friend." And to those who say that legalization is a bad idea in and of itself, Mr. Endelman points out "This is not a matter of immigration policy but a political acceptance of an economic symbiosis that already exists."


DOS And INS Officials Will Speak At Security Issues Seminar

The following will be the speakers at the January teleconference session of ILW.COM's seminar "Latest Developments relating to Consular/Visa Issues & Border Security":

  • Peter L. Gordon, Assistant Regional Commissioner, Office of Inspections, at the INS
  • Gloria Leong, Deputy Assistant Regional Commissioner, Office of Inspections at the INS
  • Leslie Gerson, Minister Counsellor for Consular Affairs in Canada at the Department of State
  • Santiago M. Burciaga, Immigrant Visa Chief for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, at the Department of State (tentative)
  • Mary Grandfield, Immigrant Visa Chief for Montreal, Canada, at the Department of State (tentative)
  • Gregg Rodgers, chairs AILA's National INS Enforcement Liaison and is a member of AILA's National Board of Governors.

The discussion will be led by Bernard Wolfsdorf and Avi Friedman.

The topics will be security issues and their impact on Border/Consular Affairs.

For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information online, click here.
For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information by fax, click here.

Featured Article

Earned Legalization: A Points System for Essential Workers
Gary Endelman offers a possible solution to the question, "What is the best way to legalize those now living outside the law, and the mainstream economy, in a way that promotes national security"?

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Immigration Law News

SSA Seeks Comments
The Social Security Administration sought comments on the additional requirements necessary in order for a noncitizen to be considered a "qualified alien" and to be eligible for Social Security Income.

Congress Debates Treatment Of North Korean Refugees
Sen. Kyl (R - AZ) introduced a bill called the North Korea Democracy Act of 2003 and which included addressing the treatment of North Korean refugees.

GAO Report On INS IT Infrastructure in DHS
The General Accounting Office (GAO) released a report, Homeland Security: Information Technology Funding and Associated Management Issues, GAO-03-250 which discusses INS's IT infrastructure.

OIG Completes OPCSO Audit
The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Audit Division, completed an audit of the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office (OPCSO) Intergovernmental Service Agreements (IGAs) with the INS and the US Marshals Service.

OIG Issues Top 10 INS Management Challenges
The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a list of top 10 management challenges facing the INS.

OIG Reports On INS's Ability To Provide Timely Alien Info To SSA
The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) presented its findings, including a discussion on the process used by the INS to provide immigrant and nonimmigrant status information on aliens to the Social Security Administration.

DOS Releases Updated Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) Applications
The Department of State released updated forms, including the: EVP Application (Form DS-3036) and EVP Sponsor (Form DS-3037)

President Bush Honors Korean Immigration
President Bush proclaimed January 13, 2003 as the centennial of Korean immigration to the US commemorating when the first Korean immigrants to the US arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1903.

Deportation Of Witnesses Is Not Violation Of Due Process Where Deported Witnesses' Testimony Is Merely Cumulative
In US v. Ramirez-Lopez, No. 01-50164 (9th Cir. Jan. 10, 2003), the court affirmed Defendant's conviction for alien smuggling and held that Defendant's due process rights and compulsory process rights were not violated when the Government deported witnesses before defense counsel could interview them because Defendant failed to demonstrate that the testimony of the deported witnesses would have been material and favorable, in ways not merely cumulative.

50,000+ Immigrants Register
Newsday quotes an INS spokesperson saying "more than 50,000 immigrants already have registered with the INS either at agency offices or at ports of entry into the United States."

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
The New York Association for New Americans, Inc. (NYANA) is the nation's largest provider of services to the foreign-born. Our Legal Services Department seeks a Staff Attorney to provide immigration-related legal services and consultations. Responsibilities include: preparing applications for immigration benefits and assistance, asylum, adjustment of status, and family and employment-based visas; preparing defenses in removal proceedings; researching and writing motions, briefs and memoranda; preparing clients for and representing them in interviews before the INS and providing technical assistance to NYANA staff on immigration-related issues. Qualifications: Juris Doctor degree and admission to a state Bar required. Two years of experience in immigration law strongly preferred. Experience in handling asylum, deportation and exclusion cases, as well as court experience is preferred. Fluency in a second language is a plus. Excellent communication and organizational skills and computer literacy is required. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Send resume, which must include salary requirements, to our HR consultants: HR Dynamics, (Dept. NYANA/LSA), 161 William Street, 4th floor, NY, NY 10038 or email

Web Technology For Immigration Attorneys
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I respectfully disagree with some of Honza Prchal's comment in the 1/14/03 issue of Immigration Daily. Analogizing immigrant registration with gun registration is inappropriate. Gun control registration does not distinguish people who wish to own guns. The law applies to all. Special Registration rules, however, apply only to distinct racial/ethnic groups. As such, the rules are discriminatory and therefore insidious. Further, because the rules are unlikely to help the government achieve its purposes (people with ties to terrorist groups are unlikely to rush to register), they are unsupportable by reason and good judgment. Moreover, I strongly disagree with the commentor's statement that: "If registration were such an obviously bad idea for security purposes, why does every police state or nation at war I can think of require it?" I do not believe that "every" government at war requires it. Further, even if "some" totalitarian governments and governments at war require registration of people, it does not justify the policy. Indeed, the US holds itself out as the champion of democracy and therefore should not attempt to follow the examples of governments that trample civil rights and democracy.

Panravee Vongjaroenrat

Dear Editor:
RL Ranger is asking for a balanced view point on ILW.COM. I assume to stimulate an honest debate about immigration policies. The problem is I am not sure RL is being honest in his presentation of his view points. RL likes to reference Rep. Tom Tancredo out of Colorado. Tom Tancredo has been linked to neo-Nazi and other anti-immigrant hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization devoted to tracking hate-groups of all kinds. I can only imagine that an individual as informed as RL must know this. Maybe this bit of information will help those who read RLs posts understand him and where he is coming from a bit better.

Chicago, IL

Dear Editor:
I lost some Immigration Daily issues due to problems in my computer. Can you inform me details of write-ups on SEVIS that came in your past bulletins? Would appreciate your help.

Arun Vakil

Editor's Note: To search for a particular item in previous Immigration Daily's, use our search engine. You can search by key terms and within either cases, articles, Immigration Daily, or site-wide. In addition, you can also search our archives by date.

Dear Editor:
The Public Agenda and the Carnegie Corporation of New York are releasing a poll of immigrants with interesting results on assimilation, integration and other issues (click here for Public Agenda's press release).

Douglas G. Rivlin, Director of Communication
National Immigration Forum

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