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Immigration Daily February 12, 2003
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Editor's Comments

Fed Chair Greenspan Says Major Increase In Immigration Will Eliminate Deficit And Spur Economic Growth

Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan presented his semiannual monetary policy report to Congress today. In his presentation, he implied some points on immigration which are really just common-sense, but will surely startle some. A full report on his presentation can be seen at: The report says "[Greenspan commented] faster economic growth would help containing budget gaps but would not likely provide the full solution to currently projected long-term deficits" and quoted Greenspan "So, short of a major increase in immigration, economic growth cannot be safely counted upon to eliminate deficits and the difficult choices that will be required to restore fiscal discipline." The clear implication is that a major increase in immigration would spur economic growth and eliminate our towering federal budget deficit (estimated at over $300 billion). It is regrettable that many voices in the immigration debate, both pro-immigration and anti-immigration, hold an economic stance straight from Marxism, viewing immigrants as liabilities instead of assets. We hope Chairman Greenspan's comments will help people correct their economic thinking. For the anti-immigrationists the question is simple - what is their credible plan to pay for the deficit and the coming retirement of the baby boomers? For the pro-immigrationists, the message is also clear - what is their positive agenda for a massive increase in immigration quotas? Both sides face a choice - either declare themselves as Marxist - or get with Chairman Greenspan's pro-immigration program.


DOS And INS Officials Will Speak At ILW.COM Seminar

Tuesday, February 18th is the deadline to register for the February phone session of ILW.COM's seminar "Latest Developments relating to Consular/Visa Issues & Border Security" led by Bernard Wolfsdorf and Avi Friedman. The speakers for the seminar series include:

  • Robyn Bishop, Minister Counsellor at the US Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Santiago M. Burciaga, Immigrant Visa Chief at the US Consulate-General in
  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  • Steve Fischel, Director of Legislation, Regulations and Advisory Assistance
  • in the Visa Office of the Department of State.
  • Leslie Gerson, Minister Counsellor at the US Embassy in Montreal, Canada.
  • Steve Giegerich, Nonimmigrant Visa Chief at the US Consulate-General in
  • Vancouver, Canada.
  • Peter L. Gordon, Assistant Regional Commissioner, Office of Inspections, at
  • the INS.
  • Mary Grandfield, Immigrant Visa Chief at the US Embassy in Montreal,
  • Canada.
  • Allen E. Kaye, a past National President of the AILA.
  • Gloria Leong, Deputy Assistant Regional Commissioner, Office of
  • Inspections, at the INS.
  • Gregg Rodgers, Chair, AILA's National INS Enforcement Liaison and Member,
  • AILA's National Board of Governors.
  • Hugh Williams, Chief of the Consular Section, at the US Consulate-General
  • in Toronto, Canada.

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Featured Article

"Stealth" Provision of Homeland Security Act Ends Funding for Asylum and Refugee Processing
Carl R. Baldwin writes about the effect of Section 457 of the Homeland Security Act on asylum and refugee processing.

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Immigration Law News

Secretary Powell Supports $736M Investment In Machine Readable Visa To Protect US Borders Against Illegal Entry Of Aliens
In a testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, Secretary Powell supported the Presidentís International Affairs Budget for Fiscal Yr 04' which included a $736 million investment to enhance the border security program.

Arizona Marijuana Possession Can Be Aggravated Felony
In US v. Soberanes, No. 02-10483 (9th Cir. Feb. 10, 2003), the court said that Defendant's prior Arizona felony conviction for attempted possession of more than eight pounds of marijuana was an "aggravated felony" within the meaning of amended USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(c) because the language in the application notes facially limits its reach to a specific provision in the US Code defining aggravated felony in a way so as to include this offense in that term and because where there is an apparent conflict between a specific provision and a more general one, the more specific one governs in accordance with fundamental canons of statutory interpretation.

SSA's Policy Concerning Non-Issuance Of SSN's To Nonworking Aliens Barred
In Iyengar v. Barnhart, No. 02-0825 (District Court for the District of Columbia. Nov. 26, 2002), the court found that the Social Security Administration's (SSA) was required to use notice and comment procedures before promulgating the significant revision of its regulations where it determined that it would no longer issue Social Security Numbers to aliens who resided legally in the US, but were not eligible to work in this country.

Microsoft To Offer Free Legal Help
The Seattle Times reports "Foreigners detained in Washington on immigration violations will be provided free legal help under a plan announced yesterday by the American Bar Association and Microsoft, which decried the "dire situation that immigrants face in the United States today."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Although the result was not favorable to immigration practitioners, I write to make you aware of the First Circuit's decision in Albathani v. INS/Ashcroft, decided February 6, 2003, where a 3-judge panel upheld the BIA's new practice of issuing affirmances without opinion. The court was troubled by certain facets of the process, but nonetheless affirmed my client's denial of asylum.

Ronald L. Abramson
Abramson, Bailinson & O'Leary, P.C., Manchester, NH

Editor's Note: Thank you for writing to us on this matter. Albathani v. INS was covered in the 2/11/03 issue of Immigration Daily.

Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to Mr. Alexander. As far as the education that is needed to make a decent living today compared to the education in the 50ís that depends on what one thinks a decent living. This is America. The land of the free and all of that, at least in theory. Not everyone needs to drive an SUV to enjoy their life. Some people are happy with much less. Additionally, the argument about voting ballots in different languages is a bit of a red herring. First, only citizens can vote so that argument has nothing to do with permanent residents. Second, even the INS does not require every candidate for citizenship to know English. That requirement can be waived for various reasons. Those people still have a right to vote do they not? Or does his letter suggest that not all citizens should have the right to vote or that the INS should not waive the language requirement for the elderly or infirm? Mr. Alexander's letter also states that his grandparents learned English because they wanted to and had to. Mr. Alexander's letter was originally railing against the immigrants who were uneducated and didnít speak proper English or even Spanish. Proper for which country- Spain, Argentina, Mexico? They all speak different dialects of Spanish. Proper English for which region of the US? People in the South speak a different variety of English than people in the North. People on the South side of Chicago speak a different variety of English from the people on the North side. Now, I also didnít hear him say that his grandparents spoke English as taught by a professor at Harvard. I just heard him say that they learned English. This is certainly not the standard that he is holding current immigrants up against. I wonder what his grandparents would measure up to his requirements. He also seems to be implying that current immigrants do not want to learn English. How does he know this I wonder?

Chicago, IL

Dear Editor:
The top executives of organizations such as Enron, etc. (Republicans) are not interested in cheap labor, such as Mr. Alexander claims, to make their millions. They just skim their profits right off the top. In fact the Republican party is looked on by many as being more anti-immigration than the Democrats. This is a fact that Hispanic-American voters should keep in mind when they vote and get out the vote. Like it or not with global trade the world is becoming smaller and the immigrants cannot be kept out of the country. I don't buy the message of the "gloom and doom" hearsayers. According to a report from Marcella S. Kreiter. UPI, 2/4/03, there are over 2.2 million undocumented Mexican immigrants in California alone. In that state more than half of the new borns are Hispanic. I have no doubt that someday we will see one of these sons (or daughters) of undocumented Mexican immigrants elected president of the US. That could well be a child of those very undocumented workers whom Mr. Alexander would like to see deported back to Mexico.

Richard E. Baer, DVM

Dear Editor:
As I said before, if these illegal aliens were supporting themselves, they wouldn't be stiffing hospitals for their medical treatment. The schools that educate their children wouldn't be in trouble. And the food banks here wouldn't be running out of food, much of which is being handed out to poor immigrant families. Nor would immigrant-heavy California have a $35 billion deficit, the largest of any state (and equal to the deficit of most of the other states combined). Support themselves? Only with handouts from the US taxpayer.

Ali Alexander

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