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Immigration Daily March 25, 2003
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ILW.COM is a platform for the exchange of information on immigration law. One of the ways in which we facilitate this information exchange is through our "Chat With Lawyers" section. With three chats most weeks, ILW.COM holds more immigration law chats than anyone on the internet. Our chats feature an immigration attorney as the sole attraction for one hour before an audience of 100-200 people with current immigration problems. Several ILW.COM member attorneys find chatting an effective and efficient way to develop clients. Many attorneys - both veteran and new practitioners - have reported that chatting helped them learn about a broader spectrum of immigrants than typically seen by a law office, and have called it a fun and educational experience. Our chat platform is so easy to use, we no longer need any training sessions for the lawyers who are first-time chatters - if you can browse the web, you can chat. If you are unfamiliar with this exciting new communication and client-development tool, you may want to take a few minutes to attend one of our free chats, and see for yourself. Our chat calendar is at: To explore whether chat is for you, please send an email to (Only attorneys listed in ILW.COM's directory of immigration practitioners may chat. An ILW.COM immigration attorney serving as the moderator is always present during our chats.)


Tuesday, March 25th Is Deadline For Healthcare Seminar

The deadline to register for the second phone session of ILW.COM's new seminar series "Representing Doctors, Nurses And Other Health Professionals - New Issues For New Times" is Tuesday, February 25th. The curriculum for this seminar series is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on February 28: Current issues in physician immigration

  1. Waiver options for international medical graduates
    • Current status of the State 30 waiver program
    • Goodbye USDA, hello HHS: federal shortage waivers
    • The elusive VA waiver
    • Dealing with changes in employment
  2. Other issues for immigration physicians
    • The NIW for underserved area: updates from the lawsuit
    • Labor certifications - for residents?
    • Restrictions on O-1 eligibility for clinicians
SECOND Phone Session on March 28: Current immigration issues for allied health care workers
  1. How do I recruit nurses?
  2. Nurses and H-1B's - Doesn't the INS allow that now?
  3. Nurses for shortage areas (or does H-1C really work?
  4. Dentists, chiropractors and others called "Doctor"
  5. Pharmacists
  6. PTs, OTs, and other therapists
  7. Medical technologists
  8. Specialty Occupation issues for allied health professionals
  9. What's this "Visa Screen" anyway?
  10. Permanent residence isues and options
THIRD Phone Session on April 28: Roundtable with ECFMG and CGFNS

  1. Role of credentialling agencies in health care immigration
  2. Testing and timeframes
  3. Guiding applicants through the process
  4. Participation guidelines for ECFMG programs
  5. CGFNS: it's not just nurses anymore
For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information online, click here.
For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information by fax, click here.

Featured Article

Impact Of War On Non-Citizens
Cyrus D. Mehta writes "What impact will military action by the US against Iraq have on immigration?"

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Immigration Law News

Treasury Rule On Cuban Assets Control
The Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control issued an interim final rule making certain changes and clarifications to the Cuban Assets Control regulations, including some immigration-related issues.

Sen. Feinstein Says Control Of Illegal Immigration Is Federal Responsibility
During a debate in Congress, Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) said, "The control of illegal immigration is a Federal obligation and we owe it to our States and local communities to provide them with the crucial Federal assistance they need to continue doing their job."

Ridge Proposes $500M For Initiative Creating 6-Month BCIS Application Turnaround
During remarks to the House Subcommittee on Appropriations, Secretary Ridge said, "$1.8 billion of the President's budget request will support the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), including $500 million aimed at reducing the backlog of applications and ensuring a six-month process standard for all applications."

Special Registration Spurs Sudden Exodus To Canada
The Seattle Times reports that "by 2005, visitors from all countries will be required to register, but for now, the Department of Justice had to choose a starting point: the 25 nations. He added that European countries have had foreign-registration requirements for years."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
If the DOL rules an alien as meeting the labor certification requirements and subsequently the DHS denies the I-140 saying the alien does not meet the requirements is there an operating instruction where the DHS have to accept the DOL ruling?

Keith Williams

Dear Editor:
I fear ILW.COM's editorial supporting the war against Iraq in the name of helping the cause of immigrants and immigration is incredibly short-sighted. The war in Iraq will do nothing to advance the cause of immigration as you argue, but instead will only lead to more terrorism and anger against the US abroad, and, most important of all, will lead to the killing of thousands of innocent people. Part of America's and President Bush's willingness to go to war is the utter disrespect of foreigners, particularly those with brown or dark skin. If thousands of them get killed, it's no big deal since "they're not like us." If you think this war will help the cause of the foreign born, you have really "missed the boat." I would ask that you reconsider your position, which not only smacks of the worst sort of self-interest, but also is just dead wrong.

Richard M. Schall, Esq.
Schall & Barasch, LLC, Moorestown, NJ

Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Anderson's letter, who believes that Mexico only has to get rid of its current citizens by having them immigrate to the US, and replace them with immigrants from the rest of Latin America in order to increase its prosperity. Ditto, India. What's wrong with this picture? (And, while these countries officially refuse much immigration, they too have illegal immigration, just as the US does.) Stable economic and political institutions are far more important to creating and maintaining prosperity than immigration. See, for example, an article in today's (March 22) Washington Post about how the Mexican economy, despite NAFTA, despite billions of dollars in remittances from its workers in the US, still lacks fundamental insitutions such as widely available public education and financing for housing and small businesses, and still has widespread political corruption and an unwillingness of government to reduce political risk (which would attract investment to the country). In fact, disparities in income between rich and poor have actually increased rather than decreased since NAFTA. Is immigration going to change these problems? Actually, it's extremely likely that immigration of poorer and abundant labor from the rest of Latin America will increase wage pressures, inhibit unionization of workers, and increase pressures on the most able workers to leave--workers who might, just might, be able to help bring about necessary political and social changes.

Actually, on second thought, I do agree that in certain circumstances immigration may well increase prosperity in countries such as Mexico and India. Those circumstances would be the immigration to these countries of educated, skilled, or affluent immigrants. Of course, there is the issue of how these countries would attract and keep such immigrants, Mexico is already discouraging the immigrants it already has (American retirees who were s___ed by its property laws, the ecotourist farm which was taken over by indigenous militants while the authorities stood by). These are the same sorts of problems which also prevent its own citizens from creating prosperity--solve them and there is no or little need for immigration.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
According to R.L. Ranger, "Illegals that came one at a time can return the same way." If all of the illegals now in this country were to return one at a time every hour around the clock, it would take 1,150 years before the last one left the land.

R.E. Baer

Dear Editor:
The following press release was released by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

AILA will join its members and coalition partners to rally together and launch a year-long national campaign highlighting the benefits of immigration and immigration reform at a Capitol Hill press conference March 27th, 2003 in Room 2226 of the Rayburn House Office Building at 1 p.m. The launch of Immigration Works! It's Who We Are will coincide with the American Immigration Lawyers Association's Lobby Day on March 27th. AILA members and supporters from all over the country will head to Capitol Hill to speak with their Senators and Representatives about the unprecedented changes taking place in Washington that directly impact immigration laws, policies and regulations. Immigration Works! It's Who We Are is a nationwide campaign designed to celebrate the indisputable fact that America is a nation of immigrants and that immigration, along with sensible immigration reform, will continue to enhance this nation's security and sustain its economy during this difficult time. Immigration Works! It's Who We Are will incorporate elements of grassroots and media advocacy, organizing with leaders from diverse sectors. Immigration Works! will also coordinate a number of educational activities on the value of immigration, including public forums, speeches and outreach through the media. "We are the world's most successful nation partly because we are a nation of immigrants. During this time when immigrants are coming under tremendous scrutiny, Immigration Works! It's Who We Are will serve to remind people that new Americans, as they have since this nation was founded, bring new ideas and skills that add to our national security and aid in our economic growth," said AILA President Jack Pinnix. For more information about Immigration Works! It's Who We Are, please contact Mike McGill at (202) 466-7248 or via e-mail at For more information about AILA's Lobby Day, please contact Judy Golub at (202) 216-2403 or via e-mail at

Dane Vandenberg, on behalf of AILA

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