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Immigration Daily April 9, 2003
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The California Shredding Fiasco: Examining the Evidence - Part 2 of 2
Jose Latour delves into the illegal shredding incident involving 90,000+ documents that occurred earlier this year at the California Service Center.

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Immigration Law News

OJP Seeks Comments
The Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, sought comments on the reinstatement, without change, of a previously approved collection for which approval has expired; Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program and related immigration provisions.

Rep. Tancredo Speaks On Impact Of Lack Of Immigration Enforcement
During a debate in Congress, Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) focused on the current lack of immigration enforcement and its impact to the Adams family and said, "Their lives have been completely turned upside down by this phenomenon, this elimination of the border, the fact that there is no longer a border, the "It is not really two countries, it is just a region" philosophy.

8 CFR 3.2(d) Trumps Power Of 8 CFR 3.2(a)
In Navarro-Miranda v. Ashcroft, No. 01-60945, con. w/02-60126 (5th Cir. Apr. 8, 2003), the court found that the Board of Immigration Appeal's (BIA) interpretation of the provisions of 8 CFR 3.2 was reasonable where the BIA concluded that 8 CFR 3.2(d) (the power to reopen on its own motion) trumped the power granted by 8 CFR 3.2(a) (that the alien not have been deported). (This opinion is the revised opinion for the original which was filed February 28, 2003.)

Alien Born In 1959 Does Not Qualify Under Child Citizenship Act
In Gomez-Diaz v. Ashcroft, No. 02-1446 (7th Cir. Apr. 7, 2003), the court denied Petitioner's claims and said that he did not become a citizen by application of the Child Citizenship Act because he was well over 18 years old on February 27, 2001 and that his prior convictions were aggravated felonies, consistent with Congress' intention that the expanded definition of "aggravated felony" be applied retroactively.

Decision Not To Depart From Sentencing Guidelines Is Not Appealable Where There Is No Indication District Court Misapprehended Its Scope Of Authority
In US v. Flores-Martinez, No. 02-1467 (2nd Cir. Apr. 2, 2003), the court said that the Defendant failed to establish that the district court "mistaken[ly] conclu[ded] that it lacked the authority to depart".

Failure To Comply With Procedural Requirements Waives CAT Claims
In Haliu v. INS, No. 02-1645 (4th Cir. Apr. 8, 2003), the court said that Petitioner's claims for withholding of removal and purusant to the Convention Against Torture were waived when he failed to comply with applicable procedural rules.

Congress Prepares To Review H-1B Visa Program
The Chicago Tribune reports that "As Congress prepares to reauthorize the controversial program for another three years in the fall, foes are calling for safeguards to stop the wholesale replacement of US workers."

Efforts To Repeal 1926 Law Prohibiting Asians From Land Ownership May Be Abandoned
The Lakeland, Florida Ledger reports that "[Sen. Geller (D-FL)] said he might abandon his effort to repeal a defunct Florida law banning Asian immigrants from owning property because other lawmakers want to use the opportunity to ban another group of people from land ownership: illegal aliens."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
The headline that appeared in the April 8, 2003 issue of Immigration Daily and entitled, "Gutierrez Joined The Marines As An Undocumented Alien", is grossly misleading. An undocumented alien may not join the US Armed Forces. Mr. Gutierrez joined the Marines as a lawful permanent resident.

Name Withheld Upon Request

Dear Editor:
Virtually every time I try to open one of your .shtm documents, it crashes my browser/email program (Netscape 4.73). This does not happen at other sites, and only began happening a few months ago. Can you help/any ideas?

Marc M. Yelnick
San Mateo CA

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Dear Editor:
For some time I have been receiving Immigration Daily sent to me via email at my AOL account. On March 30, I discontinued using AOL and now subscribe to Earthlink. The last newsletter I received was for Mar. 26. Could you possibly resend Immigration Daily from Mar.27 to date? I wanted to tell you how helpful your periodical is. I scan Immigration Daily each day and then forward them to a "Welcome Center" at my church, where mostly Hispanic persons are being helped with immigration and other issues.

Elizabeth Schaefer

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