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Immigration Daily May 28, 2003
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Various Items

Today's Immigration Daily has various items of interest. Our Featured Article today is "Your Law Firm: A Vehicle for Entrepreneurial Success" by a business coach for lawyers. DHS issued its Unified Agenda identifying a host of regulations, proposed, interim and final, that it hopes to promulgate over the next several months. DOJ issued a press release stating that it had prevailed in five legal challeges in four judicial circuits to the BIA's curt review procedure. The 8th circuit held that it was proper to deport to a country without a government saying "between countries, it is not uncommon behavior to attempt to accomplish a task by asking politely first, and then to act anyway if the request is refused." Among other items, there are two classified ads, including one for a law practice for sale, and three letters to the Editor. Please scroll down to find the item or items of interest to you.


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Featured Article

Your Law Firm: A Vehicle for Entrepreneurial Success
Warren Coughlin writes "To get the most from this overview, I invite you to think of your firm as a business that provides legal services and of yourself as the owner of this business, rather than as a professional working in a practice."

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Immigration Law News

DHS SemiAnnual Regulatory Agenda
The Department of Homeland Security released its semiannual regulatory agenda (110 pps.) which presents the DHS's Unified Regulatory Agenda for forthcoming regulations - proposed, interim, and final - affecting immigration.

GAO Report On Combating Terrorism
The General Accounting Office (GAO) released this report (274 pps.) to assist Congress in its oversight of federal agencies' programs and activities to combat terrorism overseas, including immigration-related items.

DOJ Says It Prevails On Curt Review Procedure
The Department of Justice issued a press release on district court decision on the regulations issued by the DOJ establishing a curt review procedure for the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Non-Custodial Sentence Constitutes Conviction
In US v. Mullings, No. 02-1642 (2nd Cir. May 23, 2003), the court said that a non-custodial sentence requiring the Defendant to pay only a monetary fine constituted "a conviction...for which the sentence imposed was 13 months or less" pursuant to USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(B).

8th Circuit Holds Deportation To Country Without Government Is Possible
In Jama v. INS, No. 02-2324 (8th Cir. May 27, 2003), the court said that Petitioner's challenge of the Attorney General's legal conclusion that 8 USC 1231(b)(2)(E)(iv) authorized the INS to remove Petitioner to Somalia without first establishing that Somalia will accept his return was outside the scope of the jurisdiction-stripping provision of 1252(g). The court noted that "between countries, it is not uncommon behavior to attempt to accomplish a task by asking politely first, and then to act anyway if the request is refused."

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Appeal On Closed Immigration Hearings
The Kansas City Star reports "The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will not review government anti-terrorism policies that allowed secret deportation hearings for hundreds of foreigners swept up after the Sept. 11 attacks."

Man With No Confirmed Identity Or Birthplace Awaits Deportation
The Daily News of New York reports "Of the more than 1,200 illegal immigrants detained in anti-terrorism sweeps since the World Trade Center attack, Farouk Abdel-Muhti may be the last one who has not been deported, released, charged with a crime or classified as a material witness."

State Department Requires Interviews For Visa Applicants
The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, MN reports "The State Department has ordered foreign service officers in many nations around the world to begin face-to-face interviews with millions of visa applicants who previously haven't merited such scrutiny, a step that will result in monthslong backlogs, according to officials and documents."

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Law Practice For Sale
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I share Jeremy Li's concern about BCIS's delayed processing of employment-based immigration cases. I think he nailed the key problems BCIS faces now. What Mr. Li said about the prolonged processing time is actually shorter than the real processing time. Officially, BCIS is now claiming that it takes 990-999 days to process this kind of cases. We know "security" is supposed to be the factor that has supposedly delayed the process. However, if it takes 3 years for BCIS to locate potentials terrorists, how can we be sure to have homeland security? What kind of security are we talking about? Is this the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bureau that President Bush had in mind when he wanted to replace INS? I support Mr. Li's position and hope you can help to bring pressure to BCIS or to bring the problem to the attention of Congress or the media.

Hillary Wu

Dear Editor:
Jeremy Li has stated the problem. It exists in all service centers. INS has never been able to get its priorities straight. Remember the 'blitz' to reduce citizenship waiting periods to the detriment of all other petitions wherein officers were pulled away from regular duties? And the spate of nit picking request for evidence's (RFE) to try and sweep cases under the rug? And the over reaction after 9/11? Flood Congress with your complaints. Refer to the letter to Colin Powell which I referred to in a letter last week. We need Presidential action, not promises.


Dear Editor:
I will never cease to be amazed at the number of people who find nothing wrong with illegal aliens who knowingly and openly violate the law. I wonder how many of those who aid and assist these criminals would react if they were to be invaded in their private home. Why are these people so intent to assist in the destruction of America? If they were truly concerned about these poor people why aren't they working to make conditions better for them in Mexico or wherever else they come from? They are assisting foreign invaders to violate American law and in the process they are expecting you and me to pay for all of it. It isn't their personal finances they are spending - it is money we have worked for to support our families - money now being extorted by higher taxes to pay for criminals who should be deported. It is not the fault of Americans that so many commit the crimes they do illegally entering America. If they die in the attempt it should be called suicide as they surely know the odds before they ever leave their homes to come here as thieves and burglars. I don't buy the line that many are so uneducated they don't understand all of this. They understand very well.

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