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Immigration Daily June 19, 2003
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Adjusting Thinking About Adjusting Status

Seasoned and novice practices alike often underestimate the complexity and importance of the Adjustment of Status process today. Post-IIRIRA, there has been gradual but fundamental change in this process. It now affects the legal strategy of the entire case from the very beginning (e.g. the labor certification itself). Learning the pitfalls in Adjustment of Status will improve your legal strategy, and benefit your business and family clients. Those who have heard Ron Klasko speak on immigration law know that it is time well spent. Joining him is Tammy Fox-Isicoff, who is an accomplished lawyer, and an energetic and dynamic speaker. The seminar is offered by phone, so law offices around the country can participate. The seminar includes an in-depth Q&A period where you can pose questions regarding your cases to the panel. Don't miss this opportunity. Thursday, June 19th is the deadline to sign up for our seminar on Adjustment of Status. For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: For the fax version, please see:

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Immigration Law News

2-1 Court Of Appeals Ruling Approves Secret Arrests
New York Newsday reports "In a key decision in the domestic war on terrorism, a federal appellate court ruled yesterday that the government does not have to reveal the identities of the more than 750 foreigners secretly detained on immigration violations during the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks."

Bush Says Special Registration Has No Connection To Race-Based Profiling Ban
The Kansas City Star of Missouri reports "Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Ralph Boyd said the new policy stems not from the [9/11] attacks but from President Bush's presidential campaign, when he promised if elected to enact such a ban."

Woman Accused Of Harboring Undocumented Makes First Court Appearance
The Houston Chronicle reports " 34-year-old Mexican woman accused of harboring some of the human cargo in the nation's deadliest immigrant smuggling ring made her first court appearance today."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
In response to the letter to the Editor about outsourcing jobs to India (and elsewhere). We live in the Midwest, and in the state where we reside, dozens of computer professionals flocked here (this month, too), appearing and purchasing computer software books below our level of experience and ability, not skills we lack as one often hears. Ergo, many available jobs in the US are still going to non legal permanent residents (LPR) and non-US citizens (USC). We like diversity. We like helping others. We welcome non-immigrants and immigrants coming to the US, as either we did or our grandparents or great-grandparents. However, we would really appreciate just one job interview, even if the pay is low, for one of these IT jobs. Another letter, the third, states that asylees obtain legal permanent residence after just one year from obtaining asylee status. Unless there is a special adjustment to LPR for Cuban asylees, only "refugees" can file to adjust within 1 year and actually adjust to lawful permanent resident within approx. another 2-3 years. Asylees can file after approx. 1 year too, but the backlog due to the 10,000 per year quota on adjustments to LPR means not adjusting to LPR after just one more year, but applying to adjust, and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting. They are legally here, and it is no "day at the beach," either.

M/M Smith

Dear Editor:
Those who believe that every Mexican and others who show up at our borders or violates them should be embraced and made citizens with full benefits need a strong dose of reality. The Mexican government strongly opposes the US enforcement of its immigration policies including the cooperation of local police or sheriffs in detaining illegals in the normal course of their daily activities, but in Mexico, it's a different story. Their General Law of Population, Capitulo III - Articulo 73, requires that law enforcement cooperate with their immigration officials in the deportation of illegals in Mexico, to wit: "The authorities who, by virtue of law, exercise a mandate for public enforcement at federal, local or municipal level, shall provide cooperation to immigration authorities when said immigration authorities request it, to comply with the provisions of this law." This law is strictly enforced and deportations are routine. Further information is at: At the same time we are being invaded by tens of thousands of illegals, a majority of them Mexican. Gustavo Mohr, a representative of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations, a foreign government official addressing American legislators, in an all too typical and monumental display of arrogance and hypocrisy, described the proposal that local American police enforce US immigration law as "worrying". What is wrong with this picture?

R. L. Ranger

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