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Immigration Daily June 23, 2003
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Editor's Comments

Labor Certification - PERM

With PERM reportedly only a few months away, labor certification strategy has entered a strange twilight zone - not quite the old, not yet the new. The upcoming session of ""Labor"-Intensive Immigration Practice: Advanced DOL Strategies on the Eve of PERM" will feature a discussion on PERM and the BCIS perspective on Labor Certification issues. The detailed curriculum is as follows:

The PERM Rollout: Are you and your clients ready?
Should we REALLY expect publication by "late Fall" with effective date by the end of 2003?
How will DOL Rollout PERM?
Will they offer beta testing of technology to corporate stakeholders and attorneys?

What will happen to:
Related occupations?
Schedule A (the pre-certified category)?
Business necessity?
Jobs requiring a combination of education and experience?

To what extent will PERM resemble RIR or an Attestation-Driven Process?
Will print ads still be mandatory?
How will PERM "audits" differ from traditional supervised-recruitment procedures?
How will DOL ferret out labor certification fraud?
How will conversion to PERM operate?
How does DOL plan to operate a two-track system of PERM cases and backlog reduction of RIR and standard cases in an era of "auto-remands"?
Should you try to pre-qualify your cases for PERM right now?

BCIS Perspectives on Labor Certification Issues:
BCIS interpretation of the Schedule A requirements,
H-1B extensions beyond Six Years: Who qualifies? Who loses?

Delayed labor certification adjudications and the impact of new DOJ Appropriation Act amendments to AC-21
Reconciling the new statutory provisions with the BCIS Headquarters April 24 memorandum

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Immigration Law News

NAFTA Brings Record Number Of Second Wave Of Mexican Immigrants
The Arizona Republic reports "Immigration experts on both sides of the border say the North American Free Trade Agreement, which took effect in 1994, has given birth to a second wave of Mexican immigrants."

John Ashcroft's America Is The America Of Our Constitution And Law
An Oregionian op-ed writes "The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit laid waste to our self-styled civil liberties set's claims that John Ashcroft's Justice Department trashed the Freedom of Information Act, the Constitution and common law."

False FBI Terrorism Tips Leaves Accused In Cast Of Suspicion
The New York Times reports "When suspects are involved, officials are having a hard time deciding when to close cases and clear names."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I would like Mr. Prchal to know that in my last letter I was making no judgements. I am happy each time I read that Cubans have been accepted into our country. I remember Cuba as the beautiful country I knew pre-Castro. I was rather expressing my regret for the vast contrast in treatments between Cuban and Mexican migrants. At the very least, those coming north from Mexico in search of work should have an avenue for legal admission, a guest work program. Corruption is waning rapidly in Mexico; poverty still exists in some areas. Mexico, with the possible exception of Costa Rica, is the most democratic of the Latin countries.

Richard E. Baer

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