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Immigration Daily October 22, 2003
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Editor's Comments

Elephant In The Room

Gary Endelman's article, "Elephant In The Room: Amnesty And The Rule of Law" talks about one of today's most important political issues - amnesty for the undocumented and the sanctity of the rule of the law. Some gems from his article include:

  • Amnesty is not a solution to the problem of illegal immigration, but, rather, an abdication of the need to come up with a solution. For precisely this reason, such a bandaid approach will never be accepted as legitimate by opponents, nor will it prevent the need for yet another amnesty in the future. While short-term gains can be achieved by legislative tinkering or imposed by judicial fiat and executive order, only through a slow but painful reform of the fundamental operating assumptions on which our immigration system is based can we ever bring the undocumented in from the shadows to realize the promise of American life in full measure. If we repeat the mistake of 1986 by failing to overhaul our immigration laws at their roots, we are laying the foundation for an even more divisive debate over yet another amnesty that will further erode the social fabric whose unity is so precious to our national welfare.
  • Other than [those] fleeing persecution or bullets, most people outside one's nuclear family come to the United States for one reason, namely to work. We force them to do this illegally by making it impossible to do it under color of law. The artificial 10,000 limitation on the immigration of essential workers insults our intelligence and makes repeated amnesties that much more likely.
  • When the law does not allow for change, change will come outside the law. It is the very concept of a rule under law that suffers when this continues to happen, time after time. As we accept amnesty now, let us plan to make it unnecessary ever again.
  • Read the article at:,1022-endelman.shtm

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    Featured Article

    Elephant In The Room: Amnesty And The Rule of Law
    Gary Endelman writes "While amnesty is bad public policy, Congress' repeated actions/inactions in divorcing our immigration laws from our economic needs make such amnesty inevitable in some form or fashion."

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    Immigration Law News

    EOIR Releases Latest Disciplinary Actions
    The Executive Office for Immigration Review of the Department of Justice released its latest disciplinary actions: one attorney was immediately suspended, four attorneys received final orders of discipline, and one attorney was reinstated.

    DHS Names New Deputy General Counsel
    DHS Secretary Ridge announced the appointment of Jason Klitenic as the new Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.

    BALCA Says Experience Of Employer's Other Staff Is Irrelevant
    In the Matter of Cambridge House, No. 2002-INA-171 (BALCA, Sep. 11, 2003), the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals said that Employer's contention that all members of its staff working with Alzheimer's patients have at least two years experience was irrelevant in meeting the two-prongs of the Information Industries test of business necessity.

    With An Eye Towards '04 Elections, Legalization Legislation Gains Momentum
    The San Diego Union-Tribune reports "As politicians strive to appease Latino voters who will influence next year's elections, and placate powerful business groups that need immigrant labor, several efforts are gaining momentum in Congress to legalize millions of undocumented workers and students."

    Former San Luis Director Guilty Of Falsifying Immigration Documents
    The Arizona Republic reports "The former immigration director of the San Luis port of entry has pleaded guilty to falsifying immigration documents."

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    Letters to the Editor

    Dear Editor:
    Taking an actual look at the sites linked to by RL's post will show his real beliefs. For example, the first page of talks about "white fugitives" being pushed out of cities their ancestors built. Just like I've said in earlier correspondences, this is a fringe viewpoint.

    Chicago, IL

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    Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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