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Immigration Daily November 19, 2003
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Editor's Comments

Consular Issues And State Boards Of Nursing

Next week, ILW.COM will host senior representatives from the State Licensure Authorities for Nursing of California, New York and Florida at our telephonic seminar "Current Issues In Immigration For Nurses And Other Healthcare Professionals (PTs/OTs/MTs/MLTs/SLPs-As/Physician Assistants)". This seminar is organized in cooperation with CGFNS. Consular issues in Manila and Chennai will also be discussed during the panel discussion.

The deadline to register is Thursday, November 20th. For more info, including detailed curriculum and speaker bios, see:
(Fax version:


Registration Deadline For Consular/State Issues In Nursing Is Thursday, November 20th

The final session of ILW.COM's Nursing seminar (organized in cooperation with CGFNS) will feature the following agenda and speakers:


  • Visa processing in India and the Philippines
  • Attitudes in the Philippines and India
  • State licensing process for the foreign educated nurse
  • Success rate on the NCLEX-RN for the foreign educated nurse
  • Practice experiences/discipline experiences for the foreign educated nurse
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Dan Coble, Executive Director of the Florida Board of Nursing
  • Leonard Lapinski, Chief of the Bureau of Comparative Education in the Office of the Professions, New York State Education Department
  • Bobbi Pierce, California State Board of Nursing
  • Tim Hall, Chief of the Immigrant Visa Unit at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai
  • Naveen Rahman, Immigration Attorney
  • Judith Pendergast, CGFNS (Discussion Leader)

The deadline to register is Thursday, November 20th. For more info, including detailed curriculum and speaker bios, see:
(Fax version:

Featured Article

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: It's Time To Walk The Walk
Frank Sharry of the National Immigration Forum writes "It is high time for the key actors, the Bush Administration, the Fox Administration, and the US Congress, to move beyond vague assurances that migration is "still on the table," and take concrete steps to solve our pressing migration and border issues."

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Immigration Law News

Defendant's Subsequent NY Youthful Offender Adjudication Does Not Alter 2L1.2 Sentencing Enhancement
In US v. Reinoso, No. 02-1630 (2nd Cir. Nov. 17, 2003), the court said that USSG 2L1.2 required only that the Defendant had a conviction for a crime of violence in order to warrant the 16-level enhancement and also said that Defendant's subsequent New York youthful offender adjudication did not expunge his New York conviction, or otherwise absolve him of criminal responsibility for the armed robbery.

Employer Not Subject To 20 CFR 655.738, 739 Unless It Is H-1B Dependent Or Willful Violator
In the Matter of Mark Watson v. Electronic Data System, No. 2003-LCA-30 (OALJ, Nov. 12, 2003), the Office of Administrative Law Judges said that Employer was neither an H-1B dependent Employer nor a willful violator of its LCA and thus was not bound by 20 CFR 655.738 and 20 CFR 655.739.

Olympic Bid Scandal : The Immigration Connection
The Salt Lake Tribune reports "In a nutshell, Simmons admitted to hiring the son of a South Korean Olympic official, illegally helping him secure a green card, and concocting a web of contracts to cover Kim's tracks, all to support Salt Lake City's Olympic bid effort and all at bid CEO Tom Welch's behest."

Special Registration Protesters Demand End To Year-Old Program
The Newsday of Long Island, NY reports "Dozens of immigrants and civil rights advocates gathered outside federal immigration offices in downtown Manhattan yesterday to demand an immediate end to a year-old program that requires male visitors from 25 countries to register with authorities."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I am a great fan of Immigration Daily. However, it seems to me the essence of a news publication is to take an editorial position, and to use your judgment in deciding which letters to the editor to publish, and which not to publish. What in heaven's name would possess you to publish the Nov. 18th letter regarding Have you looked at that website? End illegal immigration, end legal immigration, end asylum, end family immigration, end employment-based immigration, end student visas? It would be one thing to link the reader to an intelligent site, but a link to a useful guide to becoming an immigration idiot - of course I believe they should be free to express those views, but why would you want to participate? It seems to me that ILW.COM has no need to publish such unintelligent rubbish. Please, use some editorial judgment.

Chuck Roth
Chicago, IL

Editor's Note: We appreciate and will review all responses to our November 14, 2003 Editor's Comments.

Dear Editor:
It is hard to be too critical of David Murray's recent letter when he properly refers to limited immigration advocates as "restrictionist" and not anti-immigration as some do and I certainly have tried to openly support that position as the proper, prudent one. But it is he who becomes lost in the forest with his rambling fire analogy and critical comment on Rep. Tom Tancredo "and his lot". To the applause of millions, Tancredo is fighting the real fires and those of excessive entry and was recently commended by Secretary Norton of the Interior Dept. for his outstanding leadership in rousing support for the recent passage of their Appropriations Bill and funding of the fire suppression programs. Murray's letter blames everyone except the special interests who are a big reason why we don't have stronger laws and/or enforcement of immigration laws and more effective forest fire control. At , a number of pending legislative proposals are listed, which most Americans want, but the special interests have opposed, just as environmentalists have impeded many fire management proposals. One of these, would address the undeserved granting of citizenship to the birth here of children of illegals, a point that we both agree on. Another proposed law, the SAFER Act (Securing America's Future through Enforcement Reform) introduced by Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-SC), has the potential to provide the resources and reform our legal immigration system so desperately needs. This legislation would attempt to strengthen our borders, increase screening and tracking of aliens, remove alien terrorists, criminals, and human rights violators, enhance enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act, expedite removal proceedings, and reduce emergency immigration workload levels. What true American could not support these goals? Yes, "we need a labor pool" as Murray states in his previous letter, but that need not dictate that unlimited foreigners fill that need. A limited, Bracero type program with secured borders and no citizenship by birth, together with sensible restrictionist legislation and reduced government taxes and spending (which puts enormous pressure upon business and individuals to cut costs) is the proper solution to immigration, sovereignty and citizens interests. Otherwise, all but the elite will wind up as workers on the global plantation if the out-or-control fires of immigration are allowed to continue.

R. L. Ranger

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