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U.S. Department of State

Daily Press Briefing
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
January 9, 2003

QUESTION: Have there been visas approved or visas applied for, as far as you know, for a delegation?

MR. BOUCHER: It's not visas. It's travel. Their representatives in New York, when they want to go anywhere beyond New York, have to get permission from the State Department to go, I think it's 25 miles beyond the center of Manhattan.

QUESTION: So it would be people that are already in the U.S., as you understand it, traveling?

MR. BOUCHER: We approve travel for those kinds of people.

QUESTION: And has that request been made?

MR. BOUCHER: We approved travel for the people in New York to New Mexico. I don't know.

QUESTION: But has the request been made?

QUESTION: He just said yes.

QUESTION: He said the approval has been given.

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Released on January 9, 2003