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Dear Editor:
Michael Piston seems to believe that Israel is the root of the Muslim problem facing our world today and that somehow if the US discontinued all military, economic and political support to Israel and withdrew from Iraq (after overseeing real elections - if that is possible) that the radical Muslim extremists would just back off, and all would be well in the world. He further seems to link the influx of foreigners into the United States directly with acts of terror, and seems to see an emphasis on immigration "as a means of combating anti-American assaults." He further seems to directly link the loss of American jobs to immigration and seems to believe that "liberal immigration policies" will result in Americans risking their lives. Oh, if life were only so simple . . . . we could just throw up an Iron Curtain around the USA, and deport all "suspicious characters". Now, I understand that Mr. Piston does not advocate this, because although he appears a little wishy-washy in his analysis, he certainly recognizes that isolationism will not work in the global society which is the world in the 21st century. But to link solutions to the terror wrought by Muslim extremists such as Al Queda to the political situation in Israel, and the tightening of immigration in the USA, misses the mark. The problem is not political, it is religious zealously. Until hate-mongering splinter groups of any religion, Muslim, or otherwise around the world, are stopped, terror will continue . . . with or without a withdrawal of US support for Israel, and with or without tightened immigration controls in the USA. It is difficult to change the hearts and minds of people bent on a hateful mission, but focusing on the money sources and arms suppliers, who supply terrorists worldwide with the means to execute their hatred, would be a better solution to ending terrorism than focusing on isolationism and immigration controls. Today, the world, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike, needs to work together to achieve peace, free of petty bickering and ethnic rivalries, but until the money and arms sources are curtailed, we cannot expect the terror to stop. We cannot expect to see the announcement of success in that arena on the 6 o'clock news, so long as military arms and weapons of human destruction continues to constitute the largest single expenditure in any country's budget, to be one of the largest sources of corporate revenue in the world, and so long as arms and munitions are readily available around the world to anyone who can pay for them. Arms dealers and the governments of countries who allow arms dealers to freely peddle their products of doom anywhere they like, have no ethics - perhaps we should identify them and then tighten our immigration laws so as to exclude them from the USA, not the thousands of innocents the immigration restrictionists are picking on. Don't blame immigration or friendship and alliance with any country for the terrorism in the world today. Root out the hatred and the organizations that support it. Follow the money sources and the military arms. At the end of the trail, we may just find the true terrorists.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA