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Dear Editor:
Chucky's letter to the Editor states that the fact that only "17,000" H-1B numbers have been used this year shows there is little demand for the category. Chucky's letter needs a little help with math and facts. In fact, Immigration has announced that 16,100 H-1Bs of the 65,000 available for fiscal year 2005 already have been accounted for as of the end of May 2004. This means that, from the time companies could petition for H-1Bs starting in FY 2005 (which was April 1, 2004) to the end of May (May 31, 2004), only 2 months, 16,100 H-1B petitions already have been filed. FY 2005 is October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005. So, for a year that has not even started yet, approximately one quarter of the available numbers have been taken in just two months. This indicates a great demand for these specialized knowledge workers. And since one quarter of the available numbers were used in two months, if H-1B petitions continue at this rate, all the numbers will be used up by November 2004, leaving ten months of the fiscal year when no H-1Bs are available at all. I'm sure this makes Chucky very happy. But the fact that he is distorting what the numbers mean shows he is afraid Congress will remedy this problem if they realize what is really happening. For everyone out there who is seeing the harm the H-1B cap is doing to the economy and business in the US, please get this message out to Congress. We certainly don't want Congress to be fooled by fuzzy math as it appeared in Chucky's letter.

Aimee Clark Todd, Esq.
Atlanta, GA