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Dear Editor:
I often read Chucky's letters with bemusement. A recent letter to the Editor is no different. It's good that the Chuckys of the world are comfortable in participating in the discussions held in Immigration Daily, as he provides a sense of the rampant misperceptions that all of us involved in the immigration field need to overcome. Following up on the comments made by others who thoroughly refute the widely-held views espoused by Chucky's letter which perpetuate the myth that immigration exacerabates unemployment and lowers wages, I would like to offer the following anecdotal evidence. As I conduct an informal survey of the salaries of the individuals currently residing on my desk, numbers such as $100,000, $102,000, $105,000, and $85,000 appear quite often. Maybe Chucky views such salaries as meager, but I don't. I would love to make that much myself, but I don't. After all, I studied political science because it was less taxing on my brain and left more time for collegiate leisure pursuits. The individuals on my desk studied Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and other scientific disciplines. Individuals with their degrees are more highly sought after by employers than individuals with my degree. Additionally, there are fewer Electrical Engineers than wannabee Political Scientists. Consequently, salaries in these fields are higher and companies need to go further afield to fill shortages in highly-specialized engineering disciplines. This represents the most basic law of economics: supply and demand.

Brandon Meyer
Dana Point, CA