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Dear Editor:
In your recent editorial, you make the analogy between the US government's layered defense and Nazi Germany. Specifically you say, "Nazi Germany tried an even more comprehensive domestic security system [than ours], the failures of which are well-documented. If our misguided response to 9/11 draws us closer to a Gestapo State, Al Qaeda may have already won." The analogy is too over the top to be fair or convincing. It is just as accurate to say we are moving to a system more like France, Austria or especially Switzerland. I favor (and lobby for) more relaxed immigration quotas with clear and simple rules designed to attract the ambitious, the hardworking and the talented to this country just like you do, but implying that anyone trying to enforce the law or tighten it is a kissing cousin to the National Socialists makes me get mad at your views and want to take the other side. I suspect it turns many others off too. Certainly that kind of rhetoric won't convince many immigration restrictionists to listen to your views. How would you react if I said your policies copy open borders anarchists and the Unabomber, or perhaps that you are in the company of "traitors"? I suspect you'd disregard what I had to say.

Honza Prchal
Birmingham, AL