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Dear Editor:
There really is no basis in reality for allowing naturalized US citizens to petition a throng of adult brothers and sisters. Likewise, with elderly parents and unmarried or married sons and daughters of naturalized US citizens. If these families simply wanted to be reunited, then the US immigrants have the option of simply returning to their home countries. Obviously, many family-based petitions are intended not only to provide family unity, but to provide the later-petitioned family members a better life than they had in their home country, thus making them economic refugees, who often contribute little or nothing to the American society - not even learning the English language, or assimilating into main-stream American culture. I am all for immigration, the legal way. I will be so bold as to propose eliminating all family immigration except non-visa-status-violating spouses and minor children of US citizens and permanent residents - yes, that would eliminate family based preferences 1, 2, 3, and 4 - a bold move that although controversial, will, as you say "break the legalization logjam", and trim the lure of the "carrot factor" substantially. But this must be done in conjunction with a total overhaul of our immigration laws, the installation of a well-founded and reasonable guest worker program, the relaxation of the university degree/specialty occupation H-1B concept, in favor of a more realistic "Work Permit", a provision for substantial criminal penalties and total banishment for all law violators. Couple this with an enforceable demand for respect of law and nation by Americans as well as foreigners, and we just may be headed toward taking control of an out-of-control immigration problem.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA