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Patriot Act And REAL ID

Edgar Steele, who prides himself as "exceedingly politically incorrect" and the author of "Defensive Racism" which he styles as "an unapologetic examination of racial differences", would appear to be an unlikely exhibit against the REAL ID bill. Listen to what Mr. Steele has to say about the Patriot Act, which, nota bene, was widely praised by the anti-immigrationists - Mr. Steele calls it "draconian and woefully-misnamed". Many, though by no means all, of the anti-immigrationists, privately consider immigrants as unsuitable to join American culture because of their race. They may want to learn from Mr. Steele. Anti-immigrationists may well feel that the brunt of the severe provisions of the REAL ID bill will fall on undocumented aliens. The reality may well be that the wrath of REAL ID's tyranny will fall on anti-immigrationists too. When the civil liberties of any human being in America are diminished, all Americans lose (whether those in America are documented or undocumented will not affect this truth). Perhaps the real reason that the anti-immigrationists are raising such a ruckus over the REAL ID bill is that they know that a large guestworker/legalization program will likely succeed in this Congress. The immigration law community is waiting.

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