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Immigrant's Weekly Dec 11, 2006
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Immigration Fees To Rise

USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez has said that the fees immigrants pay for citizenship and permanent residency petitions will rise in spring as officials try to prevent more backlogs in the system.

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Additional Efforts Needed to Help Ensure Alien Files Are Located when Needed
United States Government Accountability Office writes "GAO recommends that USCIS require adjudicators to record whether an A-file was available in naturalization adjudications and, with other DHS users of A-files, determine why staff are not complying with file-tracking procedures and correct any deficiencies. In its comments, DHS agreed with our recommendations."


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Dear Weekly Editor:
Another TWO Americans KILLED by an Illegal Immigrant in Maryland NOVEMBER 2006 Thanks Giving Holiday

This is a sad story about an American Hero. A veteran of the IRAQ War. This is the story of the END of an American hero but not in the hands of a Military enemy or terrorist.. Was this Hero, American Soldier killed while over seas defending his Country of which he was so proud of ? Was he killed by Taliban, Terrorist, Extremist , Enemy Soldier ? Well, he was killed by a Foreigner, but one from Mexico who is hiding ILLEGALLY in Maryland under the protection of our Maryland Politicians.

No, this young man, this defender of American Freedoms by the name of Brian Matthews (21 ) with his friend Jennifer Bowers (24 ) were together for Thanks Giving. While stopped at a traffic light @ 10:20 pm another drunken ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT smashed into these two young Americans, killing BOTH of them, yet this criminal was left unhurt. These two Americans suffered a terrible death while on Holiday together.

You may wonder, how does someone who is in the country ILLEGALLY actually get a LEGAL United States ID card / Drivers License in Maryland to start off with. Its because Maryland Politicians ( not all, but most on the democratic side of the house in Maryland ) are stalling with being compliant with the REAL ID ACT passed in federal law in 2005. Most other States across the USA are already compliant. Maryland continues to pander to ILLEGAL Immigrants. Had Maryland Politicians been compliant with the REAL ID ACT like most of the country, this young Marine would probably still be alive. Had Maryland Politicians done their job of removing ILLEGAL Immigrants from Maryland, This young Marine would still be alive.

Is this the end of the story, Oh no. It gets even harder to believe. But believe it or not, on average , 25 other American Citizens are killed every single day and 8 American Children Molested every single day by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. On the day that Brian Matthews (21 ) with his girlfriend Jennifer Bowers (24 ) were KILLED, so were 20-25 ( on average according to statistics recently reported by one of our few honest Politicians ) other Americans across the country. This is a fact.

OK, back to our most recent Maryland tragedy ( as confirmed but somewhat buried in the ultra liberal Baltimore Sun ). This Illegal Immigrant first went to North Carolina ( reported as a well known favorite location for Illegal Immigrants to get LEGAL DRIVERS LICENSE ) to get his first American ID card ( To hide and blend into America ). Then moved to Maryland. Maryland is another favorite location for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS because of the groups like CASA of MARYLAND that helps ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS stay hidden and helps them to ILLEGALLY work in Maryland ( through day labor sites they run and operate as well as other programs to give aid to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ). This along with the fact that Maryland Politicians make sure that these Illegal Immigrants are protected and the message is clear to our Police to be easy on them. Also making so much red tape and hassles that it is too difficult to do the right thing and remove those that are Illegal.

This ILLEGAL Alien by the name of Eduardo Raul Morales (25) from Mexico is like so many other Illegal Immigrants in Maryland and across the Nation who have no fear of our Police because our Politicians have made it clear that "Pandering to Illegals " is more important then protecting our Citizens. The law is clear, but our Politicians close their eyes and the Illegal Immigrants know it.

It was also reported in the Baltimore Sun that James Dinkins, acting special agent of US Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Baltimore they plan to remove this killer from America ????? He KILLED TWO Americans, He was here Illegally, and his punishment is being given a FREE trip back to his own Country ??? This person, KILLED TWO AMERICANS, and now he gets a discount for crimes. Maybe they will reward this Illegal Immigrant with Citizenship to so he can bring in his entire family !! Luckily other plans have been made to arrest him for homicide.

There has been MANY stories across the Internet how "Illegal Immigrants are given Discounts" and plea bargains in order to prevent them from being deported. Even in this case its reported that this Illegal Immigrant has had other problems with Illegal and unsafe driving habits in the past. This Illegal Immigrant as a matter of fact was pulled over several times for a variety of driving offenses, each time getting away with it. If he DIDNT HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE, this Illegal Immigrant would have been discovered LONG ago and deported. Instead, he was able to drive till he KILLED an American Citizen.

Even in the Baltimore Sun Article, CASA of Maryland, that supports Illegal Immigration and give help to Illegal Immigrants go on to defend this Illegal Immigrant.

ABC NEWS and CNN have BOTH done stories about the lax law enforcement of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS getting drivers license. ABC even made a clear note that they saw Drivers Tags from MANY surrounding States that they suspected as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from surrounding States going to Maryland to get a US ID Card / Maryland Drivers License.

If you doubt ANY of this I can provide you with proof positive that Maryland has engaged in assisting Illegal Immigrants to get valid American ID cards and well as ANYTHING written above. For those of you who are shallow enough to say "Americans kill too" simply are out of touch with reality and disrespect the lives of these wonderful people. The fact is, those who are illegally in America cost EVERY AMERICANS Billions of Tax dollars, Fill our Jails, hurt or Citizens and are knowingly breaking US LAW by entering the USA Illegally. For some, the loss is even greater, with their lives.... We have LEGAL ways to enter the USA and EVERYONE should follow those laws. We should NEVER reward those who are breaking our laws, or our country will be filled with Law Breakers while those waiting on the outside LEGALLY are the other victims.

Politicians of Maryland. I'm asking for you to protect our Maryland Citizens and STOP making Maryland a magnet for Illegal Immigration. Maryland has slowly moving up , now to one of the TOP States for Illegal Immigrants to hide.

I know among some of you, I can find a Politician who will be brave and support Maryland Citizens. I ask in the name of a Brave Marylander who was KILLED because of the in-actions of most of the Democratic Party in Maryland. I know its not all of you, but the fact is, its too many of you. Being "Political Correct" to the point of ignoring Federal law causing our Maryland and US Citizens to be KILLED every day.....

Call it the: BOWERS-MATHEW BILL ( In Honor our our Maryland Residents who lost their lives to this awful crime ) to make Maryland 100% Compliant with the REAL ID ACT with OUT making ANY type of alternate drivers permit for those ILLEGALLY in our Country....To make an alternate drivers permit would cheapen the great loss of these two Maryland and AMERICAN Citizens.

Can Maryland count on your support. Will you propose this BILL NOW, before MORE Maryland Citizens are Killed. Will you do this important BILL to STOP Maryland from being a Magnet for Illegal Immigration ?? Each day you wait, more Maryland residents are victims of needless crimes like this. Illegal Immigrants that come here, know its illegal. To reward them will only increase illegal immigration. Can this be any more clearer ??

I would like to thank Melissa Harris of the Baltimore Sun for much of the information above.

Steve Hampton

Dear Weekly Editor:
Elijah Cozart. Age 3 was brutally killed when Lazara Arellano de Hogue (" A Native Of Mexico" according to the Baltimore Sun on 12/3/06 ). A few days ago, less then a month before Christmas, his young life was taken by a careless Immigrant from Mexico hit his grandmother with her truck and dragged this young boy almost 3/4 of a mile. The baby was in a stroller which was jammed into Ms Lazara Arellano de Hogues front grill as this hit and run driver dragged this little boy, tumbling inside the stroller till he was flipped on the side of the road. Still alive when the paramedics arrived. The Grandmother required emergency transportation to shock trauma. The child died was later pronounced dead at a local hospital in Towson. This occurred in broad day light ( about 4pm ).

Here is what is known, as reported in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and Television Media. The Hispanic driver, after driving some 3/4 to a mile after first striking the grandmother and child stopped to pull what was left of the stroller out from under of her truck, then sped off rapidly. She had another adult and child in her car. The child had been dragged during the 3/4 mile get away attempt by this driver.

NOTHING has been said directly by this HIT and RUN driver because she was described as "Hispanic and unable to speak English" , also she "Required a translator for questioning". She was also described as "Native of Mexico" by the Baltimore Sun. It also said she has lived in America for about 30 Years, but on television today her defense attorney was quoted as saying she "recently" became a citizen. It seems to me, that this "could" very well imply that SHE ENTERED THE USA ILLEGALLY, and simply got her Citizenship through some questionable means AS WELL AS HER DRIVERS LICENSE IN MARYLAND. Is it really legal to NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH, and be given a MARYLAND drivers license ?? If she JUST BECAME A CITIZEN, how long had she been driving as NOT A CITIZEN ?? Also seen on Television today, a Judge lowered her bond to $250,000 and told her she had to hand over her " MEXICAN PASS PORT" ( Mexican Pass Port ?? Something just didn't sound right here ) and be placed under house arrest till more can be investigated..... The drivers excuse was that she thought she just hit the grandmother and that's why she sped off. I guess she thought the baby stroller was for the Grandmother to ride in ??? One witness to this killing was " I saw the baby's face, it was horrible" another quote was " most horrifying thing Ive ever seen in my life"....

On Thanks Giving of 2006 another tragedy hit another local pair of American Citizens ( Brian Matthews and Jennifer Bowers ) . It was then a young Marine ( age 21 ) was home on leave in Maryland ( From IRAQ ). He was with his girlfriend as they had stopped at a traffic light. It was then that an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ( Eduardo Raul Morales Soriano ), while intoxicated SMASHED into the young couple with his car, killing this hero of the IRAQ war and his girlfriend. Eduardo Raul Morales Soriano WAS GIVEN A DRIVERS LICENSE by MARYLAND, even though he was KNOWN to be ILLEGALLY in MARYLAND / USA. That's right. Not only was he known by the DMV as ILLEGALLY in the Country, he had been pulled over SEVERAL times. But instead of being deported as the LAW STATES, Maryland Politicians preserved this ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ability to drive in Maryland till he was finally able to KILL two Americans !!!! This ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, hiding in Maryland had quite a few dealings with the Police due to his driving and yet, MARYLAND POLITICIANS refuse to STOP Giving Illegal Immigrants Drivers License.

Bottom line is Illegal Immigration hurts ALL Americans. Some reports have surfaced by a Political leader that on average 25 Americans are killed DAILY by illegal Immigrants and as many as 8 Children are Molested by illegal immigrants ( who are usually single males crossing into America ). Lou Dobbs ( famed reporter on CNN ) and other agencies have brought the dangers of illegal immigration into the open. Some of the most dangerous criminals are mixed with these 15-20 Million Illegal immigrants. Also, a fact, if these 15-20 Million Illegal Immigrants get Amnesty to back door citizenship. Our American minority's political power will be squashed. The favorite of most of these Illegal Immigrants are blending into the neighborhoods of our minority population which affects these citizens at a greater rate. Typically and statistically, the higher the concentration of these illegal immigrant, the higher the crime rate. But as can be seen by a so familiar story above, ALL Americans are at risk.

We have been asking that Maryland COMPLY with the REAL ID ACT ( Passed in 2005 by Federal Law, but IGNORED by Maryland Politicians ) since Thanks Giving 2006 when the first two Americans were killed. We had asked that the new BILL to bring Maryland up to standards with MOST of the USA to be called the MATTHEWS-BOWERS Bill. To give a final Honor to the Marine who lost his life, not to terrorist, but to yet ANOTHER Illegal Immigrant.....Governor Ehrlich had wanted to sign a bill to have Maryland Comply with the REAL ID ACT, but OUR Politicians REFUSED to pass such a BILL. Its time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and PANDER to AMERICANS for a change. Lets PASS the MATTHEWS-BOWER BILL and Bring MARYLAND with the rest of the Civilized USA in taking this VERY important step so that no more Americans pay the price as ALL the Americans above have paid. Each one, a hero in their own way.

Please pass this on to EVERYONE you know. Contact the Mayor, Governor ( Omalley ) , Senator( Cardin and Sarbanes ), Your Local and State Reps, Delegates, Councilman and other groups. If you belong to a major group, ask them to help in this campaign..... Please please, I'm asking for your help to comply with the REAL ID ACT WITHOUT making any form of Alternative Drivers permit which would dishonor these Americans and the safety of ALL Americans.

Steve Hampton


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