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Class Action Update Against USCIS Challenging Delays Contrary To Congressional Mandate

by Rajiv S. Khanna

Here is an update on the class action lawsuit filed against the USCIS challenging delays contrary to congressional mandate.

In Our Litigation, Court Finds Govts' Language Inappropriate

For the final brief in class certification, see here.
For the supplementary brief in support of the class action, see here.

Then The Gov't Filed A Rather Strongly Worded Reply, To Which We Also Replied.

For the government's reply, see here.
For our reply, see here.

The Court found the Govt's language inappropriate and took it out "sua sponte" (means - upon its own intiative). The gov't lawyers apparently misunderstood what we were doing and responded too strongly. This is not a victory. Just an interesting news. We are still waiting for the court to rule on our class action motion.

About The Author

Rajiv S. Khanna is an immigration attorney, the founder of, and counsel for the plaintiffs for this lawsuit. For further information on this lawsuit, please contact Rajiv S. Khanna at or by (PH) 703-908-4800. To join online discussions on the lawsuit, see here.

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