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by Bill Dahl

Unconvinced, we can't let them in.
Uncertain what to do with sin.
Unsettled because they are here.
Undue stress of misdirected fear.

Unbelievable, the insensitivity of man.
Unwilling to do all we can.
Unconscious of the opportunity to rise above,
Unjust policies that can be slain with love.

Unswerving loyalty to a partisan creed.
Unabated cries of those in need.
Undisturbed, is how we prefer to live.
Unconscionable, man's inability to forgive.

Unbalanced adoration of power and might.
Uncomfortable adjustments required to do what's right.
Uncertain about the legitimacy of a border fence and gate.
Unbearable guilt over ungodly hate.

Unearth in us, the will to stand tall.
Unspeakable injustice harms us all.
Unfortunate inequities cast a vast pall.
Unfounded self-righteousness blinds us all.

Under the lies, truth has a face.
Uncommon courage, it's name is Grace.
Underscore the urgency in this nation.
Undo the injustice of Immigrace-un.