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by Bill Dahl

The first question I hear asked,
Is, “Where do we begin?”
Discussing U.S. immigration reform,
We avoid the color of one’s skin.

Review the history of this country,
Slavery is only one example.
The parallels with today's undocumented workers,
The evidence is more than ample.

We continue to spew the same old...
"They just need to trust us.
It simply a matter of time...
We'll deliver the appropriate justice."

U.S. industries thirst for cheap labor,
All across this nation.
"We're just trying to survive!
That's not economic exploitation!"

Laborers without papers,
U.S. employers provide the wink.
Paid less than minimum wage,
It's a reality we must rethink.

Greedy demand outstrips supply,
The undocumented workers stand in line.
U.S. employers pick from the crop.
Families die on the vine.

Young adults brought here as infants,
On graduation day we call their name.
Prepared to make a citizens contribution,
We say, "You're undocumented. That's a shame."

The names that we call them:
"Illegals, terrorists, and a blight on this nation."
Used for our economic advantage,
Double-speak to legitimize the situation.

Forced to live in the shadows,
Hidden in this nation's closet.
U.S. banks are delighted,
"Sure, we'll take your deposit!"

When I see the faces,
There's something that's not right.
They have one thing in common,
The vast majority are not white.

Let's conclude this outrage.
The end we must begin.
Let's confess America,
It's the color of their skin.

Now's the time for healing,
It's a process to become whole.
There's a cancer in this nation,
Deep within our soul.

It's time to admit our failures,
We're the one's to blame.
Racial discrimination is alive and well.
Discrimmigration is it's new name.