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by Bill Dahl

Peering behind us through the fog,
To the past, from present day.
I wonder what our forefather's would think.
I Ponder what they might say.

Their incredible design,
A melting pot we would be.
Oppressed in other lands,
"In the U.S.A. you 'll be free!"

In just over two hundred years,
My oh my how things have changed!
The wisdom of simplicity becomes complex,
Hearts hardened and rearranged.

Wars, partisan politics, and fear
We've become adept, wielding the sword.
The wealthiest nation on the planet,
We've idolized the necessity to horde.

What are we attempting to keep?
Our motives seem rather odd.
Hope cannot be quarantined.
Giving freely is the essence of our God.

Fences, raids and deportation
"Keep them out! Take them away!"
The heart of America has spoken!
Evidencing hardness, and decay.

The songs of history seem to change -
Echoing the soul of our nation.
Perhaps it's time to change our tune -
Sing a new harmony about U.S. immigration.

This new tune will require unlearning,
Poor attitudes we have sung in the past.
Our concert performances can be revamped -
Orchestrated with love; destined to last.

Lift your voice today my friends,
Belt out love from your heart.
A love for the other,
Those filled with hope for a new start.

It's time to sing a new tune America -
A harmony that moves beyond all the confusion.
We can and must sing a new song,
Or remain mired in immillusion.