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Immigrants Of The Week: Ann-Margaret, Gene Simmons and Isabel Allende

by Greg Siskind


Annmargret Even since I was a kid and saw Ann-Margret play her glamorous stone-age alter ego on The Flintstones, I've liked this great Academy Award nominated actress. Most people don't know she's actually a Swedish immigrant. Ann-Margret has starred in a variety of light and serious roles over the years including musicals like Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley and Bye Bye Birdie, comedies like The Cheap Detective and Grumpy Old Men and dramas like Magic and Any Given Sunday. She was twice nominated for Academy Awards for her roles in the rock opera Tommy and for Carnal Knowledge. She's also been nominated for Grammy Awards, Golden Globes (she's won several) and Emmy Awards. Incidentally, I learned in the course of preparing this post that Ann-Margret actually has a last name - Olsson. There's a good trivia question to impress your friends.