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Immigrants Of The Week: Howard Bach, Bob Malaythong, and Phillip Dutton

by Greg Siskind


Howard_bachHoward Bach doesn't sound like a Vietnamese name, but this Vietnamese-born American has a familar Vietnamese-American story. His family immigrated in 1982 as refugees when Bach was just three years old. His father was a political dissident in their country and also an aspiring badminton player who never was able to realize his dream of competing in an Olympics. But he passed his love for the game on to his son and now the younger Bach represents America's best shot at achieving our first medal in the sport.

Back was the first American to win a badminton medal at a world championship, but he'll face tough competition from the Chinese players. The sport is highly popular in China and winning in front of a Chinese crowd will be tough.

Bach's refugee story is outlined in a recent San Francisco Chronicle story.