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Immigrants Of The Week: Miguel Blas-Matus, Chien-Ming Wang, and Martin "John" Atalla

by Greg Siskind


Miguel Blas-Matus' story is another example of the tenacity of many out of status immigrants in the US. He entered the US legally from his native Mexico with his US citizen wife, but due to what seems to be malpractice but an incompetent immigration lawyer (I wish I could say this was more rare than it actually is),  he fell out of status. For many years, the former doctor from Mexico labored in the fields of apple farms in the Northwest US. He later was able to become an nursing assistant, but when his father in Mexico became gravely ill, he returned to his home and was barred from reentering legally. He crossed back in to the US illegally and was apprehended. While in detention, his father died.

Blas-Matus was deported and subjected to a ten year bar on reentering. His wife worked diligently on rectifying the situation and in 2003 he was able to re-enter the US. And seven years later he has entered a physician assistant program and is now a US citizen.

Thanks to Dan Kowalski for this great suggestion.