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Immigrants Of The Week: The Cast Of "Lost" and Naji Chammout

by Greg Siskind


The final season of ABC's Lost begins tonight wrapping up the groundbreaking science fiction drama that is truly addictive and has one of the most complex plots ever devised for television. The show also has an international cast that American's have rarely seen and which makes the show even more appealing.

Here are some of the immigrants that have played important roles in the show over the last six years -

Naveen Andrews
- UK - Sayid Jarrah

Daniel Dae Kim
- South Korean - Jin Kwon

Yunkim Kim
- South Korea - Sun Kwon

Evangeline Lilly
- Canada - Kate Austen

Emilie de Ravin
- Australia - Claire Littleton

Dominic Monaghan
- Germany - Charlie Pace

Henry Ian Cusick
- Peru - Desmond Hume

Zuleikha Robinson
- UK - Ilana

Rebecca Mader
- UK - Charlotte Lewis

Mira Furlan
- Croatia - Danielle Rousseau

Sonya Walger
- UK - Penelope Widmore

Alan Dale
- New Zealand - Charles Widmore

Marsha Thomason
- UK - Naomi Dorrit

Kimberly Joseph
- Canada - Cindy Chandler