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iPhone Apps for Attorneys

Today, more than one billion apps are downloaded each month from the Apple App Store! The marketplace is changing to one that is increasingly mobile phone-driven. Consumers now look for apps when deciding what to do or buy. You can order dinner and compare cars on your phone, but you really can't find a lawyer. Would you like to become one of the first firms with a footprint in the world of smartphone apps?

With our help, you can market your practice through a custom-designed iPhone application. You can reach a new audience that your website might miss. You can connect with a new, global segment of the market. Imagine what a powerful marketing tool an iPhone app could be for your practice - any time someone searches for 'immigration' or 'immigration lawyers' in the app store, your firm's app would appear.

ILW.COM has an experienced and devoted tech team with years of experience in software design. You might not recall, but there was a significant software portion of our business about a decade ago and we are returning to the market in a big way. Our first apps will start becoming available the first half of this year!

The range of what we can do is vast. We can do something as simple as translating your existing website into app form, putting a clean and efficient app on the market, so consumers can find and contact you. Alternatively, we can build you a custom app from the ground up your basic information as well as something unique that will keep people opening it again and again, like a simple game or the like. We will work with you to create the app that will present your firm in the brightest light possible, while still fitting within your budget.

ILW.COM is pleased to announce the launch of the EB-5 iPhone App in Apple's iTunes store. The EB-5 App is a convenient way of remaining on the top of EB-5 news all the time, for immigration law professionals, regional centers and immigrants interested in EB-5 issues. The App brings you the latest news from USCIS, scholarly articles by distinguished practitioners, latest news headlines from Google, a list of regional centers, EB-5 events and books, and even Chinese language headlines on EB-5 issues. We encourage all those interested in the EB-5 field to download this free App on their iPhones. If you have ideas on how to improve the App or wish to place your ad on the new EB5 App please write to

For more information please write to