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In the past decade, ILW.COM has come to know the immigration law community in a very unique way. The experience has given us the perspective to begin advising immigration lawyers on marketing campaigns and we have done so, delivering strong returns on each of our marketing clients' investments. Please consider three ways in which we might be able to help you market your firm. And, remember, no firm is too big or too small - our marketing clients range from solo practitioners to mid-sized firms to the firms listed in the Vault 100.

Multi Platform Book

We have developed a comprehensive approach to marketing that incorporates both traditional and new media to give your firm the widest footprint possible. The same information will reach different people depending on how it is made available - in print, on the internet, via twitter, or, on a smartphone app. As a publisher, it should come as no surprise that we start each multi-platform book with a traditional print book. Business cards are great, but they are too easy to throw away. Books - even small ones - do not get tossed in the garbage. If we help you create a short book focused on a specific industry or market, you will literally be sitting in your clients' and prospective clients' offices 24 hours a day. We can help develop your target market and even generate content for you. The next medium we will hit is e-readers. We will make your book available on Amazon in a Kindle edition. Next, your book will then be serialized on-line, in a personalized micro-blog that cross-links with your primary website and is search engine optimized to enhance your visibility. We will update it and build an on-line community around it. We will use your content to drive traffic - and prospective clients - to your firm's website. We will create a Twitter feed devoted to promoting your book to a variety of audiences. To learn more see here.

Marketing Events

We are an internet company, but even we are the first to admit there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. As you may know from attending one of our many past workshops around the country, we can plan a great event. We will help you target a particular industry or group and put together a tight half-day event to reach a wide segment of that market. Our event planning is all-inclusive - all you need to do is develop your own remarks and show up at the right place on the right day. We will handle everything else. We will plan the event, book a superb venue, fill the room through a combination of direct and indirect marketing, find other speakers, and ensure you are seen as the host of a first-class program.

iPhone Apps

IPhone apps can be a part of the multi-platform book or they can stand alone. Today, more than one billion apps are downloaded each month from the Apple App Store. The consumer marketplace is changing to one that is increasingly mobile phone-driven. Consumers now look for apps when deciding what to do or buy. You can order dinner and compare cars on your phone, but you really can't find a lawyer, so you would become one of the first firms with a footprint in the world of smartphone apps. With our help, you can market your practice through a custom-designed iPhone application. You will reach a new audience that your website might miss. In addition, you will be able to connect with a more global audience. The first step in the application development process is the conversion of much of the content on your current primary website to app form. We suggest then adding an 'immigration news' RSS feed from our site. This will give people a reason to come back to it time and again, which gives your brand an enhanced presence - our name will not be mentioned, unless you want it to be. Finally, we would build out direct contact capabilities for telephone and email and could even create a feature that would allow a prospective client to remotely schedule an initial consultation with an attorney! To learn more see here.

ILW.COM Global Immigration

ILW Global Immigration offers services for the outbound immigration needs of U.S. and multi-national corporate clients and their U.S. attorneys. We specialize in getting your employees overseas fast and with the necessary documentation. We secure entry visas, work permits, residence visas, and anything else necessary to get your employees on the ground and deployed overseas as quickly as you need them. Our goal is always simple: we will use our expertise to get your employees the visas we need as quickly as possible, and with minimal disruption to your operations. It is nearly impossible for an employer to keep up with the constantly changing nature of global immigration and, quite frankly, it does not make much sense to try. Outsource that to us. We stay ahead of the curve by hiring the best staff, working hard to track developments in immigration globally, and using top-notch software that is constantly being updated. To learn more see here.


In June 2010, ILW.COM launched a new business venture - SpeedyScanning. SpeedyScanning is an on-site archival document scanning service geared towards the legal community. In plain terms, we come to your office, scan your paper, install the new digital files on your network, and then destroy the paper. To learn more see here.

Mergers & Acquisitions Assistance for Law Firms

In the past twelve years, ILW.COM has established itself as the leading name in immigration law publishing. In that time, we have come to know the immigration law market perhaps better than any other organization - it is our sole focus. We have had the good fortune of building strong rapport with countless immigration attorneys. In recent years, we have been contacted by many attorneys interested in either selling their practices, buying someone else's, or merging multiple firms. After helping broker more than a dozen such mergers and acquisitions and being peripherally involved in dozens more, we realized we would like to offer these services to all who may be interested in our unique position and expertise. To learn more see here.

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