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In June 2010, ILW.COM launched a new business venture - SpeedyScanning. SpeedyScanning is an on-site archival document scanning service geared towards the legal community. In plain terms, we come to your office, scan your paper, install the new digital files on your network, and then destroy the paper.

There are two main reasons to convert your paper files to digital ones - money and time.

  • Save Money
    • Sublease the space saved by the elimination of paper files
    • Move to an office with less square footage when renewing your lease
    • No need to pay for off-site storage
    • Reassign any staff currently scanning to revenue generating activities
  • Save Time
    • No more wasted time searching for files
    • No more misplaced files
    • Instant access to all old client files
  • Save by Outsourcing:
    • No initial outlay. You do not need to spend five figures on the high-speed scanners and the computers needed to drive them. We bear the cost of the machines eventually becoming obsolete.
    • No recurring costs. No scanners to staff nor any rollers or toner to replace.

For more information, please visit our website,, or call us at 212.545.0818.

We offer a free on-site demonstration for Manhattan attorneys. We will bring a scanner and computer to your office and show you how quickly and efficiently we work, no strings attached.

Or, to see it now, please watch the video below.

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