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"Of all marketing sources I have used to acquire quality clients for my law firm, ILW exceeded my expectations.” "
Glendia Mondesir, Esq.
Clifdel Law Office, PLLC
Washington, DC
" Yesterday, I moderated a panel for a telephone seminar on nursing immigration put on by has really done a great job producing telephone seminars on the hottest immigration topics and they’re well worth attending. "
Gregory Siskind
"As a long-time reader of your newsletter, I would like to thank you for providing immigration practitioners with reliable, accurate and valuable case summaries. I have yet to find a mistake in your summaries and have only saved hours of sorting through appellate decisions "
Yvette Lopez-Cooper
Law Office of Yvette Lopez-Cooper
San Diego, California
" I am an immigrant who is now a U.S. citizen. I am a short story writer and have my own personal immigration story which I believe may be of help to some readers on your immigration website. I am astounded at the enormous wealth of information that your website offers to immigrants and would have loved to have these resources available when I first came to this country. "
Mira Hall
"Thank you for your great site. "
Ruth Spivack
Outreach Coordinator
Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project
" Dear Friends:
I get your newsletter every week and I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our opinions as immigrants to this country. "
Eduardo Martinez
"I would heartily recommend the seminar to anyone with a need to keep up to date in these issues. It covered a wide range of useful topics, it was well-paced, and the panelists both from the Department of State and the legal profession were very knowledgeable and well prepared. "
Paul Isaacson
Retired Consular Officer
Occasionally works at overseas posts at DOS's request
" Dear Angelo/Steve,
I want to compliment you on an excellent presentation (ILW.COM's H-1B Teleconference Seminar). There were some exceptionally complex issues addressed. Best wishes for this series and those to follow."
Stephen B. Horton
Law Offices of Richard S. Goldstein
New York, NY
"With so much on the web, it is important to be able to find a daily summary of immigration news to keep up-to-date. Recently, the Immigration Daily Editor published the DOL Regulations on conversion to RIR faster than any other site, and in a convenient easy-to-print form as well. I have also found Angelo Paparelli's H-1B articles not only informative and well written, but providing excellent footnotes for hard-to-find source materials. That's why I read Immigration Daily every morning before beginning my work day."
Joel Stewart, Esq.
Fowler, White, Burnett, Hurley, Banick & Strickroot, P.A.
Immigration Attorney, Miami, Florida
"ILW inspires my practice of immigration law by giving unbelievable access to up to the minute information on the daily changes in immigration law, and it gives wonderful access to the ongoing world wide discussion concerning American immigration. I love this web site."
Frank Myers
Myers, Walker & Whatley, LLC
Immigration Attorney, Birmingham, Alabama
"ILW is providing an outstanding service for the legal community and public alike. As my company conducts cases for other attorneys, I am often asked about resources. I have informed all of my clients that ILW is a must, in the company of Lexis, AILA, IRIS, and West. The daily newsletters are very comprehensive and an excellent resource in this most difficult and volatile area of law. I would never practice without them."
Steven Riznyk
Immigration Case Prep LLC
Immigration Attorney, Los Angeles, California
"Your site is a great resource. You have really tapped into the power of the Internet to help people in a great way."
Kevin O'Keefe
"I have found your transcripts of chats with lawyers always instructive and helpful to understand various issues of the newly enacted/updated laws and rules. "
Richard Nahm
Site visitor
"Thanks for the very useful web site you have developed. You do a good job providing legal and technical information for employers and immigration professionals, particularly through the daily bulletin, while at the same time having plenty of features directly helpful to foreign nationals seeking to live or work in the US and their families." George Lester IV
Immigration Attorney
Boston, MA
"Thank you for letting us know about your site, it is great! "
"I have been getting inquiries from all over the United States since I signed up as an ILW.COM attorney member. Getting inquiries was an unexpected benefit from just signing up, so it was a surprise! "
Viviana Cavada
Immigration Attorney
Corpus Christi, TX
"I was just recently married to my 4-year love who is here without permission from Mexico. I thought it would be easy for us to get him legal and move on with our lives. I had no idea of the problems we would be facing. I am very thankful we found this website, (thanks to an immigration lawyer from OKC). We look at the site often to see any new changes. Thanks a million for all the information on this site."
Jesus and Jana
Site visitors
"Your site is absolutely outstanding, very informative and is a great public service. I'm kicking myself for not having thought of your daily format idea before you did! Now each day, in addition to checking the AILA infonet site, your site is must reading, as well. The site has sure come a long way since I was an initial member many years ago. In fact, I'm seriously thinking of signing on again. Keep up the good work towards a more positive and enlightened immigration climate before spitting on the sidewalk becomes an aggravated elony too."
Bob Beer
Immigration Attorney
Marietta, Georgia
"Your site is helpful and your lawyers quick to respond"
Lisa Corsi
A Site Visitor
"I am very satisfied with ILW. My web site has never been down, and ILW is very responsive to questions and calls regarding technical and other customer service issues. It has increased my business."
Kenneth Rinzler
Immigration Attorney
Washington, DC
"Like everyone, perhaps like some I should say, I am desperate to find out information about immigration, I found your site while surfing the internet looking for specific information that would help with my specific case." 
A Site Visitor
In an article posted on the discussion board
"Finally, a daily source of current immigration related news and developments. Current information that can make a difference."
Robert Gard
Immigration Attorney
Chicago, Illinois
"Compliments on your site - excellent portal for US immigration."
Mark Webster
Australian Migration Agent
Sydney, Australia
"I find it a daily source of good info."
Daniel Aharoni
An immigration attorney on Immigration Daily Newsletter
New York, NY
"I used to be a Doctor in Russia. I have an F-1 visa now and was looking for more information on immigration. I am glad to have subscribed to the Immigration Daily."
Tatiana Sherbich
Site visitor
"I haven't looked at ILW.COM in a month. I like the changes that you have made."
David Badger
Supervisor at Texas Service Center of INS
"I find the 'Immigration Daily' a great resource. It's an ideal forum to expose flaws in the current immigration laws and to suggest possible improvements. I'm grateful for the effort you're making with this newsletter and for the services your member lawyers provide."
James Scheidemann
Site visitor in a letter to the Editor of Immigration Daily
"I like the site. It is well-organized and easy to use."
Mark Frey
Immigration Attorney
St. Paul, Minnesota
"Thank you for your advice in 'Help! I'm married to an alien." All responses have helped me. I fell into a pit and now I have to climb my way out."
Sylvie A
A site visitor In an article posted on the discussion board
"The site looks great and has a lot of useful information. I check it daily."
Lloyd Benett
Immigration Attorney
Washington, DC
"I have only recently subscribed to your site but find it a godsend. A very useful and up-to-date summary of what's happening in the immigration world. You are filling a real need. "
Scott Busby
Immigration Attorney
"I am now a subscriber to Immigration Daily, and I find it invaluable. Thanks to you and your team for enabling us to be completely up to date."
Carl R. Baldwin
Immigration Attorney and writer
New York, New York
"I love it !!!! It keeps getting even better and better! "
A Site Visitor
"In my view, the three most important features of your site are the following:
1. The daily evening chat
2. The Immigration Daily and
3. The case tracking system."
Amarante Carvalho
Immigration Attorney
Skokie, Illinois
"Excellent! Just the kind of information I am looking for. I look forward to participating in a chat with an attorney......"
A Site Visitor
"My ILW.COM webpage is fantastic and has given me many business leads"
Marc Seguinot
Immigration Attorney
Fairfax, Virginia
"Very helpful on 245(i). Our lawyer told us about this site."
A Site Visitor
"I think your website is phenomenal. I am a public defender attorney practicing in Oklahoma County, and the information you provide helps me better inform my non-citizen clients about ramifications of their criminal cases."
Julia Summers
An Attorney
"First time visitor. Very user friendly."
Wasi Hassan
A Site Visitor
"I am very happy I have found this site as it has helped me greatly with information on adjusting status for my wife. Thankyou so much! I would absolutely recommend this site to anyone seeking Immigration assistance or research! I was a criminal law major and I have the basic concepts of Criminal Law and Court proceedings however the Immigration Procedures and Laws were alien and very confusing to me as well as being very intimidating, but with your site I was able to get a better grasp, and I was pointed in the proper direction as to WHOM I could ask regarding these matters which was a great deal to me as I do not want to lose my best friend and my partner in life. Thankyou so much!"
A Site Visitor
"I found this when I was looking for immigration information. This site has been very valuable to me and I appreciate the service it offers."
A Site Visitor
"Your site is most helpful. I have been able, not only to assist many immigrants (often at no charge for a simple question), and at the same time obtain some pretty good information. Your staff is very helpful, too."
A Site Visitor
An Attorney
"Very good in that your site keeps the 'weak' and ignored informed. I love your site! Thanks."
A Site Visitor
"A great site really! Keep up the good work."
A Site Visitor
"I have passed on information about this amazing site to the attorneys I have consulted. They requested that I review and recommend before they participated. I gave this service a thumbs up and expect most of my attorney/clients will use your services. "
John Peiffer
JP&A Inc.
"To alleviate the volume of calls from clients seeking updates, Siskind chose, an immigration law Web portal that lets clients track the status of their immigration cases. Using a case number, a client can track the case's progress -- without calling the firm, Siskind says. "
ILW.COM's Case Tracking System
Small Business Computing
"This site contains a directory of over 600 immigration lawyers (searchable by language, state, and speciality), has daily and weekly newsletters on immigration news, offers bunches of immigration forms, offers forums and chats with lawyers and immigrants -- there's just a lot of stuff here is all! Check it out."
" ...El webside tiene informacion disponible en varios idiomas, entre los que se encuentra el espanol, chino, japones, frances, aleman y portugues. Los interesados pueden reciber una suscripcion gratis al boletin diario de noticias "Immigration Daily", al primero en su tipo; dirigido tanto para los abogados en el tema.En el se encuentran noticas y articulos sobre inmigracion, asi como el resumen de los foros mas recceintes. Para subscribirse solo tiene que enviar su direccion electronica ('e-mail'), a lasiguente direccion: eg""
Ayuda para immigrantes a traves del Internet
tiempos del mundo semana del
ILW.COM, a Web site designed as a one-stop shop for immigration information and services," has developed a new Web-based application to track cases. As of late July, the Web site stated the application would soon be ready for beta testing. Attorneys will be able to use the feature to track case details of their clients during the immigration process, according to the company. Immigrants and their sponsoring employers will also be able to access the information using a username and password.
Chicago Lawyer
"This is the site to visit with a legal question. Search for an immigration lawyer or chat with one during scheduled sessions. Among this easily navigated site's helpful features are downloadable legal forms (using Adobe Acrobat Reader) and a guide to attorneys who speak several languages. Immigration information ranges from CIA background checks to a fact sheet about green cards."
"...The website has extensive information on everything related to immigration. Visa FAQ's, filing information, processing period for each type of application, etc. to name only a few. In addition, the website offers an extensive database, which permits one to search for a lawyer, by location, language, and area of practice..."
Immigration Daily Launched
indian reporter; world news
"Immigration Lawyers on the Web, A searchable database of 200 immigration lawyers, it includes nationwide information..."
Lawyers Immigrate To the Net Web expands practice, offers visa information
san francisco chronicle -
"Thanks for another good session. I enjoyed today's discussion
- Joseph B. De Mott - participant from Latest In Consular Processing Seminar
Immigration Attorney
"It is very helpful to hear the experts agreeing and disagreeing on cutting-edge issues; always good to review that which we know as long as topics move along."
- Lynne R. Feldman, an immigration lawyer from Feldman Feldman & Associates, APC
"The ILW.COM teleconference seminars are an affordable way of our program to offer high quality training to our entire staff, without staff attendant costs of travel and individual registration fees".
- Vanna Slaughter - participant from Solving PERM Practice Problems Seminar
"Overall, great seminar, very knowledgeable. I recently went to Chicago seminar and I actually found this one much more informative than that one".
- Roger Tsai, an immigration lawyer from Parsons Behle & Latimer
"I listened in on all three PERM session and all are very helpful".
- David T. Carson, participant from PERM With Joel Stewart Seminar
"ILW seminars offer an excellent up to the minutes update on how to navigate in and whats happening in a fast changing field of expertise".
- Laurence Johnson, founder of Johnson Immigration Law PC
"Yes, I recommend the seminar series. You have the best of the best giving you tips and updates in a condensed period of time. Where there are differing opinions, the panelists work it through and arrive at a consensus that can serve as a standard of practice." - Cynthia Brock, participant from H-1B For Experts Seminar
"Michael Piston-PERM today. He is an excellent speaker, you should have him on more of your panel/teleconference." - Dana Michael, participant from PERM For Experts Seminar
"This seminar was very helpful, it outlined the basic requirements and considerations for the EB-5 category." - F Grundman, participant from EB-5 Immigrant Investors: Here And Now Seminar
""The panelists were all experienced attorneys, they were well-prepared, and they gave useful information about the current handling of TN cases." - Margaret Stock, Assistant Professor in Harvard Law School
"Speakers are always extremely knowledgeable, among the most experienced practitioners in their field. Thoughtful insights on practical problem-solving."
- Cynthia F. Leigh, immigration lawyer from Hines & Leigh, P.C.
"Your web seminar system has the best opportunity for recruiters, etc, to reduce time and travel; be at our work places, while attending valuable and useful learning from experts in the field. ILW seminars enable us to work smarter and better."
- Cassie Greeley, immigration lawyer from Hines & Leigh, P.C.
"Yes, I found the panel members easy to understand,with cutting edge knowledge of the issues being debated, and they also provided helpful advice during the Q&A session." - California lawyer
"This series promises to be of interest and of value to any of us doing removal. It goes over the basics once again and addresses more advanced concerns and issues and provides some clever legal strategies." - Donna Scarlatelli, an immigration lawyer from Florida.
"Yes, it covered more advanced topics than most conferences." - Linda Rahal, immigration lawyer from Trow & Rahal, P.C.