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ILW.COM - Verified Immigration Practitioner (VIP) Network

Join the ILW.COM Verified Immigration Practitioner (VIP) Network

Would you like to become part of our referral network of verified, trusted immigration lawyers? Our site attracts more than 200,000 unique users each month and the majority of them are not lawyers - they are everyday people looking for information about immigration law… and many of them need lawyers.

We are developing an exclusive network of trusted immigration professionals and you are invited to join. We must be able to verify that you have:

  • A valid licensed to practice law
  • No history of public discipline from any State Bar
  • Recent experience handling a significant volume of immigration cases in their focus area

To make these verifications, we will need the following:

  • Your name, state of licensure, bar number, and date of registration
  • A certification that you have not been subject to public discipline from any State Bar, which will be verified
  • Proof that you have handled the required number of cases in your stated focus area: 10 if business or family immigration or 5 if removal


  • Reach a community devoted to solely immigration law
  • Very reasonable upfront pricing with no pay-per-click model
  • No tiered memberships intended to push higher-paying subscribers above others
  • A simple, straightforward way to for prospective clients to contact you

Sample Listing
John Lawyer
Law Firm of Lawyer & Lawyer, P.C.
123 Main Street
Anytown, USA
Firm URL:
Personal URL:

ILW.COM VIP Network- 3 Months 


ILW.COM VIP Network- 12 Months

$ 499