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Arthur L. Zabenko, Esq., Legal Editor
Nina Manchanda, Esq., Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Esq., Chat Transcripts Editor
Gary Endelman, Esq., Columnist
Joel Stewart, Esq., Columnist
July 17, 2000
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An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney.

Editor's Comments of the Day

According to the LA Times, Ecuador suddenly has joined Cuba, Haiti and China on the list of countries sending smuggling flotillas to the United States. Migrants crossing from Mexico are willing to swim through waters that Border Agents will not even touch with unprotected skin. This at the same time that the INS is devoting ever-increasing resources to border enforcement and publicizing those efforts. The fact is incontrovertible that the efforts to make the United States a less attractive target for potential immigrants have not deterred many thousands of people from risking their lives in leaky boats, braving the heat and cold of an arid desert or exposing themselves to the perils of a dangerously polluted river. It is time to focus resources on finding more effective means of keeping people from risking their lives instead of devoting resources to building fortress America.

Federal Register News of the Day

Interim Rule with Request for Comments for the Implementation of Hernandez v. Reno Settlement Agreement
This rule implements the portion of the settlement agreement in Hernandez v. Reno requiring the implementation of a single application form to be used in connection with the adjudication of requests for benefits under the Family Unity Program, including voluntary departure and an employment authorization document. The interim rule also clarifies the regulations to provide that certain aliens will not lose their eligibility for the Family Unity Program because their sponsoring family member becomes a United States citizen and adds a class of aliens who are ineligible for Family Unity benefits.

INS News of the Day

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Immigration News of the Day

How Should Congress Deal with the H-1B Visa?
In two related articles in RollCall, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, argues that "The Real Debate Is Not About H-1B," while Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) takes the position that "Visas Will Help Best and Brightest Come to US".

New US Border Patrol Cameras Will Watch the Niagara River
The Toronto Star reports that the US Border Patrol is installing cameras along the Niagara River to help stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States by boat or raft. Three cameras, with infrared capabilities for detection at night and which can zoom in for close-ups and scan large areas in color, will be installed initially and the zones will be monitored 24 hours a day.

As Crises Converge on Ecuador, an Exodus
The Los Angeles Times reports that converging crises in Ecuador have unleashed an unprecedented wave of emigrants during the last two years. Approximately three million of the country's citizens live overseas and Ecuador has joined Cuba, Haiti and China on the list of countries sending smuggling flotillas to the United States.

Catch-22 Keeps Family Apart
According to the Toronto Star, a Toronto woman cannot sponsor her Pakistani husband's immigration to Canada unless she pays approximately $25,000 in welfare benefits her estranged brother has received over the last four years.

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Chat with attorney Kevin Levine
Chat with attorney Kevin Levine, Esq. on Monday, July 17, 2000, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Mr. Levine will answer questions on all aspects of immigration law.

Letters to the Editor

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