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Immigration Daily July 27, 2000
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In his latest column, "Raise The Cap: Why America Needs More Essential Workers", Gary Endelman shares his opinion regarding immigration of essential workers to the US. ILW.COM invites the submission of articles about immigration law from attorneys, paralegals, foreign student advisors, human resources personnel, scholars, advocates for immigration issues and those whose lives have been effected by the laws. For attorneys contributing an article is a way to get your name before the public and educate people on your particular area of expertise. For paralegals it is a way to gain some recognition for your hard work and knowledge. Foreign student advisors, human resources personnel and scholars can educate others on specific areas of immigration law. Advocates can draw attention to and gain support for their cause. Anyone who has dealt with immigration can share the experience, share with others what has worked and warn others about what has not. Send submissions to

Federal Register News of the Day

Proposed Regulation to Convert Regular Labor Certification Cases to RIR
The Department of Labor has issued its proposed regulation allowing the conversion of regular labor certification cases pending at SESAs to RIR cases if supervised recruitment has not yet begun. Comments on the proposed regulation are due on or before August 25, 2000.

J-1 Partnership Program for New Independent States
The Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Request for Proposals NIS College and University J-1 Partnerships Program (NISCUPP) to support the transition of the New Independent States to democratic systems based on market economies, and to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and the New Independent States.

Cases of the Day

[You need Acrobat to read this file]
Retroactive Application of IIRIRA Upheld
The 8th Circuit in Afolayan v. INS No. 97-2735 (July 24, 2000), upheld the Board of Immigration Appeals conclusion that based on IIRIRA the INS' 1987 Order to Show Cause had terminated Petitioner's continuous residence for purposes of suspension of deportation.

Congressional News of the Day

S. 2912 Introduced in the Senate
Sen. Kennedy introduced S. 2912, a bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to remove certain limitations on the eligibility of aliens residing in the United States to obtain lawful.

Guam Visa Waiver Pilot Program Resolution Referred to Committee on the Judiciary
Resolution No. 357 adopted by the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Guam, urging the Senate to act expeditiously on H.R. 3767 to extend the Visa Waiver Pilot Program, was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

Congress Praises Coast Guard
This concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res. 372) expresses the sense of the Congress regarding the historic significance of the 210th anniversary of the establishment of the Coast Guard including its contributions in the area of immigration (relevant portions highlighted).

Mark Up of H.R. 4548, the "Agricultural Opportunities Act," and Private Immigration Bills
The House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration is scheduled to mark up H.R. 4548, the "Agricultural Opportunities Act," and private immigration bills on July 27, 2000.

INS News of the Day

This is the second in a series of four decisions regarding the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program provided by Katherine Lorr, Business and Trade Services Branch, Office of Adjudications provided to Stephen Yale-Loehr.

Denial for Failure to Identify Industries, Sectors of the Economy or Exports
The INS Business and Trade Services Branch, Office of Adjudications denied a proposal for designation of a regional center under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program because it did not identify particular industries, sectors of the state's economy, or exports that are central to the regional center's efforts. The proposal described the regional center as a geographic location rather than an entity that would accomplish the goals specified in the regulations and did not identify specific good or services, included no market analysis, and failed to establish in verifiable detail how jobs would be created through increased exports.

ILW.COM Featured Article of the Day

ILW.COM invites the submission of articles about immigration law from attorneys, paralegals, foreign student advisors, human resources personnel, scholars and those whose lives have been effected by the laws.Please send articles to

Raise The Cap: Why America Needs More Essential Workers
In his latest column Gary Endelman, Esq., writes that while the shortage of high tech workers is being discussed in Congress' debate over raising the cap on the number of H-1Bs which can be issued, the shortage of less glamorous but equally vital essential workers is not being addressed.

Immigration News of the Day

Don't Mourn - Reorganize
The Village Voice reports that a momentous change in organized labor's strategy has been to embrace immigrants and support amnesty for the estimated six million undocumented aliens in the US. "Organized labor has come to understand that immigrants are not taking away from the movement, but have the potential to add a great deal."

Sex Trade Enslaves Eastern Europeans
The Washington Post describes how criminal gangs lure thousands of young women from Eastern Europe to work as prostitutes in Western Europe with false promises of respectable jobs and an escape from poverty.

Young Bride Told Her Love is Illegal
According to the Advertiser, a young Australian woman faces jail and deportation from the UK after a ruling by immigration officials that she should have asked their permission before marrying her English boyfriend.

Volunteers Hope Water Stations Save Immigrants' Lives in Desert
The Boston Globe reports that volunteers with federal government permission will store jugs of drinking water at the base of flagpoles visible for miles in the desert in an attempt to save lives where the temperature regularly exceeds 110 degrees in summer.

ILW.COM Highlights of the Day

Free Hosting for Advocacy Sites
ILW.COM will host websites of immigration related advocacy organizations for free.

ILW.COM Chats and Discussions of the Day

Chat with Attorney Karen Meade
Karen Meade, Esq., answers questions on immigration law on Thursday, July 27, 2000, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Questions will be accepted 15 minutes prior the start of the chat.

Letters to the Editor

Gary Endelman Responds
I have spoken twice in the past on the relationship between demographics and immigration. First came my column on "The Graying of America", and next came "Geopolitics and Immigration in the Digital Age". My next column will also focus on why demographics require an expansion of the 10,000 Other Worker cap. This will be called "Raise The Cap! Why America Needs More Essential Workers."

Gary Endelman
Immigration Attorney

We encourage correspondence on any immigration related matters and comments on the ILW.COM site. Send letters to Letters may be edited for clarity, legal and space considerations, and may be published and otherwise used in any medium.

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