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Immigration Daily January 16, 2004
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Editor's Comments

Education-Based Marketing For Immigration Lawyers - Free Workshop

Trey Ryder will be the featured speaker at ILW.COM's telephonic workshop on Thursday, January 22nd (1:15pm ET to 2pm ET). Mr. Ryder, the author of today's Featured Article, is a noted authority on lawyer marketing, his articles have appeared in numerous legal publications. He focuses on his unique "dignified marketing" method and has appeared in continuing education programs by local and state bar associations around the country.

Discussion Outline: "How to attract new clients, increase referrals, strengthen client loyalty and build your image as an authority -- without selling!"

During this eye-opening program, you will discover:

  • 13 marketing misconceptions that cost lawyers a fortune
  • How to attract calls from the prospects you want to reach
  • How to create a powerful marketing message
  • How to begin your program of education-based marketing
  • Why selling-based marketing no longer works
  • Why most p.r. programs do not work
  • 6 essential elements for marketing success
  • How to build your image as an authority
  • How to appeal to skeptical prospects
  • How to overcome phone-call fear
  • How to make your marketing accountable
  • Why marketing programs fail
  • Why you should never compete on low price
  • How to get prospects to eagerly pay you higher fees than other lawyers charge
  • How to get prospects to call you before they call other lawyers
  • The toughest marketing challenge you face (it is not what you might think)
  • Why you should never rely exclusively on referrals
  • How to establish the highest possible level of trust
  • The most effective time to deliver your marketing message (no, it is not when your prospect is in your office)
  • Why you should never promote your services -- and what you should promote instead!

Some of Mr. Ryder's articles are:

This telephonic workshop is only offered to members in good standing of ILW.COM's directory of immigration lawyers, and is free of charge. Those interested in participating should send a registration request to


Curriculum For ILW.COM-Fragomen Briefing On H-1B Issues And Current Developments

The curriculum for our new seminar series "ILW.COM-Fragomen Briefing On H-1B Issues And Current Developments" is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on January 29:

The H-1B Visa - Overview And Alternatives

  • Update: H-1B Cap and Related Issues
  • A Brief History (1970, 1990, 1998, and 2000 Amendments)
  • Summary of Requirements
  • Uses and Users of the Program
  • Alternatives to the H-1B Category - an Update

SECOND Phone Session on February 19:

The Labor Condition Application - Overview And Current Issues

  • History and Purpose
  • Basic Requirements
  • Wage and Benefit Issues
  • The Public Access File
  • Ongoing Employer Obligations
  • Enforcement Issues - a Current Review

THIRD Phone Session on March 11:

Latest Developments And Hot Topics in H-1Bs

  • Recent Legislative and Regulatory Activity
  • H-1B Portability Issues
  • Obtaining H-1B Extensions
  • Dealing with the H-1B Cap
  • Handling Gaps in Employment
The deadline to register is Tuesday, January 27th. For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, see: (Fax version:

Featured Article

Stories Captivate Prospects, Drive Home Key Points
Trey Ryder writes "If your prospect's eyes glaze over when you explain the law -- or if your prospect nods off during your consultation, you can seize your prospect's attention by telling stories."

Keep on top of the latest in immigration law! Attend ILW.COM seminars! You can attend ILW.COM phone seminars from the convenience of your office! For more info on the seminars currently available, please click here:

Immigration Law News

Vice President Cheney Speaks On President Bush's Immigration Reform Initiative
During the Los Angeles World Affair Council, Vice President Cheney in his remarks on President Bush's immigration refom initiative said, "We do not believe in granting citizenship to people who broke the law to get here, nor do we believe these people should get at the head of the line when being considered for citizenship. They need to return to their home countries and come through normal procedures."

Look At History Helps Answer Concerns About President Bush's Immigration Initiatives
A Los Angeles op-ed says "Many people worry that President Bush's proposal to grant temporary work visas to undocumented immigrants will reward "lawbreakers," encourage more migration down the road and raise the costs to American taxpayers. A look at history helps answer these concerns."

President Bush's Immigration Proposal Receives Cool Reception On Capital Hill
The Washington Post reports "President Bush's proposal to give temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants is running into stiff resistance from both left and right on Capitol Hill and stands little chance of enactment this year, according to supporters and opponents."

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Case Management Technology
VISAPREP offers three services to fit the needs of every immigration law practice. Whether you seek a simple forms program, a case management system, or VisaPrep TotalPractice - a comprehensive system that performs every administrative function in the immigration law process - we have a system for you. VISAPREP, the only immigration law technology created by immigration lawyers, will create efficiencies in every aspect of your immigration law practice. Many immigration technology vendors make promises - VISAPREP delivers. VISAPREP offers top-notch support with no hidden costs. We include unlimited training and support with our standard pricing package, and you'll have 30 days of free use to be sure VISAPREP is the right system for you. You will also receive monthly newsletters and time-sensitive "practice updates" from the VISAPREP team. We pride ourselves on providing superior service along with our technology. Call 866-VISAPREP (866-847-2773) or send an e-mail to for information or to schedule a demonstration.

Help Wanted: Attorneys and Paralegals
The Law Offices of Bernard P. Wolfsdorf seek to hire experienced paralegals for its South Bay, CA (Torrance) office and New York, NY offices. Bachelor's degree required for paralegal positions. The firm also seeks to hire associate attorneys with 1-2 years experience in immigration for its Pacific Palisades office. Ideal candidates should have experience with all aspects of business immigration. Responsibilities include: preparation of all types of immigrant visa petitions, labor certifications (RIR and traditional), adjustment of status and consular processing applications, and preparation of all types of nonimmigrant visa petitions (particularly Hs, Ls, TNs, and Os). Will manage caseloads with large degree of independence, communicate with clients regarding procedural and case processing issues, update and maintain client status reports, prepare bills, and serve as a team resource. Applicants should submit resume + cover letter to specific desired location - South Bay applicants: fax Michele Buchanan at (310) 540-3147 or e-mail; New York applicants: fax Frieda Wong at (212) 899-5041 or e-mail Attorney applicants: fax T.L. Loke Walsh at (310) 573-5093 or email

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy made the following announcement.

Erica Wallace, Director of Communications
Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, P.C.

Dear Editor:
The responses in Immigration Daily concerning Matt Berdahl's question, are all technically correct, however, not enough facts were provided in Mr. Berdahl's question so as to give full and proper analysis. Mr. Berdhal's question was: What if a baby was on a row boat, let's say it was shipwrecked, and drifted into one of our American harbors or wherever, it came from no one knows, and it is here. There is no idea of the parents of this child whether or not they are American, no one knows. Is this baby a US citizen and is eligible to run for US President in the future? Well, as they taught us in law school, "that depends". Now I know all the WASPs were picturing Boston Harbor, but what if the "harbor" in Mr. Berhdal's query were Miami or Key West? What if the baby were Cuban or Haitian or Dominican? Now, remember, Mr. Berhdal's question specifically says it drifted into the harbor . . . it does not say it landed on the shore, but that he was "on a row boat". Given the "wet feet / dry feet" policy of the CIS at our Southeastern Gateway to the US regarding acceptance or rejection of persons attempting to enter the USA from the Southeastern Gateway, since the baby has "wet feet", would anyone like to comment on this twist of the factual scenario? As they say, "the devil is in the details".

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Thanks for publishing President Bush's Proclamation suspending entry for corruption. It's important that we understand that corruption abroad affects our nation in a form of massive immigration coming from all over the Planet. I am so glad that President Bush finally heard the voice of those that have been forced out of their countries because of corruption, which destroys any country economic stability and rob their citizens the opportunity of living with dignity, and many times forces them to leave their homes to other countries such as the US. Countries like Brazil lose about $65B per year in the absence of production of goods because of corruption. These corrupt officials after robbing their own nations, come to Miami, Los Angeles, NY and other famous cities around the world to enjoy the fruit, not of their hard work, but of their evil deeds and until now, we would let them stay. They come expecting to be treated as decent people because the money they bring with them and sometimes the title they once had, entering with a diplomatic visa that gives them diplomatic immunity which clears them from the US customs. I am glad that the US understands that one of the major causes that cause people in South and Central America, as well as from other developing regions of the world to migrate to the US, is the corruption of the country's officials in all levels. I hope other nations will also follow the example established by the US and keep those criminals without alternative to flee from their country's justice systems if they have any, in hope that the exodus towards our borders of desperate people stops.

John Kent
New York, NY

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Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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