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Immigration Daily March 24, 2004
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Editor's Comments

The Myth Of Republican Opposition

In an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times, Tamar Jacoby says "several Republican congressional offices say their correspondence is running as much as 400 - or even 1,000 - to 1 against the immigration initiative." Ms. Jacoby suggests that such lopsided opposition has temporarily derailed President Bush's immigration initiative. We fear that many Republicans have jumped to conclusions on the basis of the anti-immigration correspondence flooding Congress. Is opposition to the President's proposal really 400 to 1? Poll after reputable poll has always shown that Americans are split on immigration. Perhaps Republicans may be opposed to the President's proposal by 2 to 1. Surely not by 400 to 1. Why such lopsided correspondence then? It's because of the efficiency and organization of the anti-immigration institutions. For example, most reputable phone polls continue to show a split on immigration but most online polls show opposition to immigration by over 20 to 1, demonstrating the online abilities of the anti-immigrationists. Their zeal and skill have multiplied the opposition to frighten Congressional representatives and have deterred them from supporting the President. This goes to show how immigration is no longer an inside the Beltway issue and why political activism outside the Beltway is critical in moving legislation forward. Belatedly, the pro-immigrationists have awoken to the problem. AILA recently started publishing "Restrictionist Watch" to help pro-immigration advocates understand what the opposition is up to. Hopefully, other pro-immigration organizations will follow AILA's lead and will also learn more tactics from the anti-immigrationists. We look forward to their flooding Congress with massive quantities of pro-immigration correspondence.


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Featured Article

Politics By Other Means: The "Why" Of Immigration To The US
Fredo Arias-King of the Center for Immigration Studies writes "Most serious attempts to study immigration to the US acknowledge that the results of the present immigration policy were, in effect, an accident the product of a miscalculation by the authors of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act."

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Immigration Law News

Employer's Statement Of Alien's Past Paid Experience Is Not Valid Unless Based On Employer's Personal Knowledge
In the Matter of Angelina Mongiove, No. 2002-INA-267 (BALCA, Mar. 2, 2004), the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals said that Employer's statement regarding the Alien's prior past paid experience was based on the Alien's self-serving statements to Employer, when hired. It was not based on Employer's personal knowledge."

President Bush Amends Trafficking Victims Executive Order
The President amended Executive Order 13257 to implement the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003.

President Bush Has Energized National Conversation On Immigration
A Los-Angeles Times op-ed by Tamar Jacoby says "Ten weeks after President Bush unveiled his historic immigration reform package, the word is out on the street that it is already dead. But in fact, the battle over the plan is far from over and even if no law is passed soon, the initiative has forever changed the immigration debate, making an overhaul of the kind the White House has proposed all but inevitable in a few years, if not earlier."

Supreme Court Rejects Elian Gonzalez Case
The United Press International reports "The Supreme Court of the US Monday rejected a case brought by the Miami supporters of Elian Gonzalez, who said their rights were violated by the government raid that took the boy from them."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Does the landscape gardener BALCA decision mean also that teachers cannot be certified, as they have the summers off?

Laura Jasinsky

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