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Immigration Daily April 9, 2004
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Editor's Comments

Items Of Interest

Today's Immigration Daily has various items of interest, including two DOS cables, an asylum case, and 5 classified advertisements - including two for help wanted, and one for an immigration law conference. Please scroll down to find the item(s) of interest to you.


Immigration Law Books

Reserve your 2004 copies now. No immigration attorney should be without a complete, up-to-date reference library for all his/her primary resource needs. The 2004 edition of The Whole Act INA, provides annotations, footnotes, editorial notes, updated Topical Index with a separate Index of Appendices, and 49 Appendices, to help both novice and experienced practitioners alike efficiently navigate the complex labryinth of immigration statutes. The 2004 edition of regulations in 2 volumes (both immigration regulations 8 CFR and all immigration-related regulations of the DOL, DOS, and DOJ) includes the latest changes in the regulations + handy and most detailed Topical Indices for each. The 2004 edition of Patel's Citations, covering the history and treatment of all reported administrative precedent decisions under immigration and nationality law, keeps you abreast of the status and standing of all such immigration citations (e.g., reversed, affirmed, modified, followed or not followed, criticized, distinguished, etc.). This entire reference library consisting of the Act, Regulations, and Citations, is an indispensable reference tool that you will reach for day after day. Reserve your 2004 editions now. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you can request a full refund - no questions asked. The 2004 editions will arrive hot off the presses. For more information or to reserve your pre-publication advance copies see here.

Featured Article

How To Request Contact Information From Prospects Who Value Their Privacy
Trey Ryder writes "The more you increase your credibility, explain how you'll use the information, and help prospects grow comfortable with your requests, the more genuine, qualified inquiries you'll attract."

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Immigration Law News

Credibility Determination Based On Curtailed Testimony Violates Due Process
In Khouri v. Ashcroft, 03-2064 (8th Cir. Apr. 1, 2004), the court said that curtailing Petitioner's testimony and circumscribing his ability to elaborate on the details of his claim by instructing him only to answer the questions asked and then concluding that Petitioner's limited responses undermined his credibility violated his due process rights.

Policy Report From Congressional Research Service On Visa Waiver Program
The Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress issued an updated report dated April 6, 2004 on the Visa Waiver Program.

DOS Cable On Determining Prevailing Wage Requirement For Visas Of Domestic Employees
The Department of State issued a cable providing 2004 prevailing wage statistics for alien labor certification requirements and instructing consular officers to rely upon these figures when determining whether employment contract provisions satisfy applicable prevailing wage requirements for domestics.

DOS Cable Presents Deferred Validity Date Option To Major H-1B And H-2B Issuing Posts
The Secretary of State issued a cable informing all diplomatic and consular posts of DHS's announcement of the Fiscal Year 2004 cap for H-1B and H-2B petitions and presented options to major H-lB and H-2B issuing posts that wished to employ procedures to address this possible flood of applicants.

Sen. Kennedy Introduces Bill To Add 40,000 Emergency H-2B Visas
The Boston Globe reports Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts has introduced legislation that would provide an emergency increase to the number of H-2B visas.

Former US Embassy Employee Charged In Visa Scam
The Miami Herald reports "A former employee at the US Embassy in Mexico City is accused of conspiring with a Colombian couple in a visa bribery scheme that allowed dozens of cartel members and leftist guerrillas to get doctored visas."

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Immigration Law Conference
The Center for Migration Studies, in association with the Fordham School of Law will present the 27th Annual National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy "Navigating Through the Immigration Labyrinth in Post-9/11 America" on May 25-26, 2004 in New York City. The conference will consist of presentations + Q&A sessions on a wide-range of immigration topics. Immigration professionals, government officials, HR professionals, and non-profit reps should not miss the chance to hear noted experts in the field speak. Participants will have the rare opportunity to interact with key policymakers at this unique international event. Topics will include the transition to the DHS, including the impact of both policy and process, as well as an overview of business, family, and asylum issues facing the immigration law and policy community. For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker line-up, and registration information, visit:

Help Wanted: Experienced Legal Assistants
Legal Assistants needed for Pederson & Freedman LLP, a small established employee-friendly immigration law firm in downtown Washington, D.C., with a broad based international practice, including J-1 physicians, allied health care workers, consular processing, business and general immigration practice. Large volume of O-1 and EB I cases. Opportunities for travel. The firm seeks experienced individuals with 2+ years experience in the field of immigration. Qualified candidates must have well developed web/computer skills, ability to consistently multitask and the flexibility needed for providing excellence in client service. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. We offer a competitive salary + benefits package and a chance to enhance your already developed immigration skills. Opportunities for advancement are excellent. Please email resume to Roberta Freedman at: All replies will be held in complete confidence.

Help Wanted: Experienced Immigration Paralegal
Immigration Paralegals needed for a small, downtown, very collegial/lifestyle-oriented Boston general business law firm with an employment immigration practice, including financial services, technology and biotech and medical clients. Looney & Grossman LLP seeks experienced and very detail-oriented individuals with 2+ years experience working at a leading immigration firm or for a leading attorney. Qualified candidate must have well developed web/computer skills, ability to consistently multitask and the flexibility needed for providing excellence in client service. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package and a chance to enhance your already developed immigration skills. Please submit resume to Carolyn J. Fuchs at or fax to: 617-951-2819. EOE.

Credential Translation And Evaluation Service
Are you looking for certified translations for immigration purposes? American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS), a corporate member of the American Translators Association, provides certified translations in over 100 languages. Since AETS primarily caters to law firms and universities, AETS' linguists, all of whom either have Master's degrees or more than five years of translation experience, are experts in the field of immigration-related translations. Why entrust anyone else with such important documents? Contact AETS today for a free quote. For a copy of their Application for Translation Service, please click here: Or you may contact AETS at (786) 276-8190, send an email to or simply fax the documents to (786) 524-0448 or (786) 524-3300. AETS provides Educational, Work Experience and Position Evaluations. For more information, please visit the website at or call (786) 276-8190.

Case Management Technology
If you're looking to grow your immigration business, efficiency is critical. Developed by veteran immigration attorneys, VisaPrep helps attorneys handle more cases and increase profitability with technology successfully used for immigration matters since 1997. Our easy-to-use, secure online solution helps you streamline immigration processing. With VisaPrep, non-legal functions are performed automatically to save time and reduce filing errors. Clients can check the status of their case online and you can easily monitor their cases online. And with our exclusive VisaPrep Response Wizard(tm), you'll be able to answer most client questions quicker than ever before. With VisaPrep, you get simple pricing, free training and unlimited support. Many immigration technology vendors make promises - VisaPrep delivers. Call 866-VISAPREP (866-847-2773) or e-mail us at to see a demonstration.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
A recent Featured Article by Paul Donnelly asks the reader to join him on a journey pondering the moral failure of immigration law. Paul Donnelly's comments with respect to family-based immigration law are interesting because it works on one's feelings while ignoring some of the greater problems. When anyone considers immigrating to another country he should sit down and think through the ramifications of his or her action. The problem with people is that they dont think about what they are doing. It feels good or right at the time so thats it. Once someone is here people want their families here too. Well how about those who migrate for financial reasons? Same thing applies. All countries must consider their people first in making laws. Yes, they should have immigration rules to be fair to their citizens. But on the whole, the country owes its loyalty to its people and shouldnt allow feelings to replace common sense in dealing with immigration. The country cant afford to open its doors and allow millions of people in who would displace its citizens in the work place. Allowing selective categories of people in can be a plus to the society while an open door might be a curse. Do we really want to open our borders? We could do that, but it would bankrupt us in months. The only way we could survive is to become like Mexico and many other so called third world countries, by simply dropping all our social programs. If you want morality then start enforcing our current immigration laws, actively patrol our borders and keep illegals out. That is the only moral way to protect our citizens. Yes, allow immigration but limit it to what the law allows, not to what feels good to the few right now, but to what protects the country and its citizens forever.

I care
Fayetteville, NC

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Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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