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Immigration Daily July 9, 2004
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Editor's Comments

The Next 9/11

DHS Secretary Ridge said today that "Credible reporting now indicates that al Qa'ida is moving forward with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States ... ". We are not inclined to disregard Secretary Ridge's statement as a cry of "Wolf!", instead we believe that those in the immigration community must take this warning seriously, and begin planning for what to do when (not if) the next 9/11 happens. Let us therefore take a moment to consider what will ensue in the immediate aftermath of the next Al Qaeda attack. We can be sure that one of the first things we will hear is that the attack was carried out by foreign nationals and that our immigration system has once again failed in securing our nation. In this connection we would point out that our immigration system is an immigration system, not a security system, and the failure here would be that of believing that security measures can work against suicidal terrorists. A complete ban on visits by all Saudi nationals (and perhaps a few other nationalities) to the US is likely to be much more effective than broad security measures (strip searching 80 year old grandmothers at airports is a harrasment system, not a security system). Instead of any rational response to the next attack, we have heard speculation that there might be a complete closing of all borders. Not only would this be closing the barn door after the horses have bolted, immigration lawyers should note that this will have a severe impact on their client's activities (and indeed on the law firms too). In the face of this horrendous prospect, the top priority for pro-immigration advocates in DC and elsewhere should be to prepare contingency plans to be implemented as soon as the next 9/11 happens, in order to ensure that immigration will continue to be a strength our country can count on in the war against the Islamist terrorists. Unfortunately, pro-immigration advocates have not yet given this issue the attention it deserves, in contrast to the anti-immigrationists, who are licking their lips in anticipation of Al Qaeda's next strike. We hope that Secretary Ridge's warning today will serve as a wake-up call to pro-immigration advocates, immigration lawyers, and all those in the immigration law community.


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Reverse Immigration: Foreign Nationals Working In India
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Immigration Law News

All Consulates Must Use Electronic DS-1648 Form
A memo issued by Division Chief Jane J. Tannenbaum of the Office Of Diplomatic And Public Liaison of the Bureau of Consular Affairs instructed all foreign missions (including consulates and miscellaneous foreign government organizations) and international organizations that they must use the electronic version of the DS-1648. The old (non-electronic) DS-1648 will not be accepted.

Sensitivities Considered In Future Immigration Enforcement Efforts
Washington Times reports "A [DHS] official, who last week criticized the arrest of 420 illegal aliens at inland locations in Southern California, yesterday told California lawmakers the department would consider the "sensitivities" of interior enforcement when making similar arrests in the future."

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Help Wanted: International Legal Coordinator
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Letters to the Editor

Readers are welcome to share their comments, email:

Dear Editor:
You have wrongly titled the article I wrote on the McCarran-Walter Act, which was published by IPC in June 2004. The actual title is: "The McCarran-Walter Act: A Contradictory Legacy on Race, Quotas, and Ideology." The "Eating Bitterness" title refers to a previous (May) article I wrote on commemorating Asian Pacific American month.

Dr. Alicia Campi

Editor's Note: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the error has been corrected on our website and in our archives. We apologize for the error in production.

Dear Editor:
I am a student here and yesterday (July 6) as I was coming back from a short trip to Japan, the US-VISIT system stopped functioning and I had to wait on the spot for nearly an hour. The officer said there was nothing he could do and that I had to wait. He also told me this happened a short while ago while 1400 visitors were waiting and that the visitors were "so mad". Another officer was joking to another visitor that this was "the first time the system's stopped... since not a long time". This shouldn't be a joke. My officer asked me if I had a connecting flight, but if I answered yes, that would have done nothing. I also had to endure that humiliating process of fingerprinting three times over while the officer tried whether the system was up and running. Once is enough, and three times the humiliation plus the long wait is more than enough. If the system is overloaded now, what's going to happen once the fingerprinting starts for millions of tourists? I hope you take this issue up to prevent the mistake of further humiliating well-meaning visitors to this country.

Akiba T.

Dear Editor:
In your recent editorial, you make the analogy between the US government's layered defense and Nazi Germany. Specifically you say, "Nazi Germany tried an even more comprehensive domestic security system [than ours], the failures of which are well-documented. If our misguided response to 9/11 draws us closer to a Gestapo State, Al Qaeda may have already won." The analogy is too over the top to be fair or convincing. It is just as accurate to say we are moving to a system more like France, Austria or especially Switzerland. I favor (and lobby for) more relaxed immigration quotas with clear and simple rules designed to attract the ambitious, the hardworking and the talented to this country just like you do, but implying that anyone trying to enforce the law or tighten it is a kissing cousin to the National Socialists makes me get mad at your views and want to take the other side. I suspect it turns many others off too. Certainly that kind of rhetoric won't convince many immigration restrictionists to listen to your views. How would you react if I said your policies copy open borders anarchists and the Unabomber, or perhaps that you are in the company of "traitors"? I suspect you'd disregard what I had to say.

Honza Prchal
Birmingham, AL

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Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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