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Immigration Daily September 03, 2004
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Labor Day And Family Immigration

Immigrant labor has been a significant contibutor to American economic prosperity, both historically and today. In fact, today's Department of Labor was created from its predecessor agency within the Bureau of Immigration in the early decades of the last century. The coming Labor Day weekend is an appropriate occasion to celebrate immigrant labor in America. In recent years, labor unions have been increasingly pro-immigration, in sharp contrast to their attitudes through much of American history, when organized labor was at the forefront of the anti-immigrant sentiment in our country. Despite this change, much of today's immigration debate still centers around the impact of foreign labor importation on American workers. Given that most of today's legal immigrants are family based, the absence of a labor certification requirement on the labor force participants in family immigration (except spouses) is increasingly untenable. We suspect that future revisions to the INA will bring some form of labor protection provision to family immigration. Indeed, it is hard to imagine large-scale legalization (which the Democrats want) and/or a large-scale guest worker program (which the Republicans want) happening without something big being traded in return. Family immigration is the obvious target, and a labor certification requirement for family immigration would be the kind of compromise Congress often ends up in situations such as this. As immigrant workers join American workers in enjoying this Labor Day, labor protection issues continue to dominate the immigration law policy landscape.


The Seven Major Immigration Law Firm Websites And The Lessons Attorneys Can Learn From Them

ILW.COM will host a free telephonic workshop on Thursday, September 9th. This workshop is free for every immigration law firm regardless of whether they are customers of ILW.COM or not. The agenda is as follows:

The Seven Major Immigration Law Firm Websites And The Lessons Attorneys Can Learn From Them

(1) 1995 - first group of immigration law firms on the net
(2) 1999 - two newcomers change the game
(3) 2001 - two more with new strategies

(1) Sources of strength - similiarity - content
(2) Sources of strength - variety - 4 strategies
(3) Comparision in usability
(4) Comparision in traffic
(5) Comparision in client development

(1) Speed in email response
(2) Ethnic specialization
(3) Content vs. Advertising

(1) Step 1 - The basics
(2) Step 2 - Advertising - Google/Yahoo
(3) Step 3 - Advertising - West/Lexis/ILW.COM
(4) Step 4 - Content
(5) Step 5 - Corporate business, newsletter
(6) Step 6 - Advanced strategies

This 45-minute long free workshop for immigration lawyers will be on Thursday, September 9th (2pm to 2.45pm ET). Registration is limited - don't delay. Requests for registration should be sent to (This workshop is a repeat of the workshops we conducted in June and July. It is being repeated because of high demand.)


Immigration Attorney Suspended For Threatening Client
Gregory Siskind writes about an immigration attorney who has been suspended for one year for threatening to expose his client to the FBI.

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Yates Memo On 6-Day Grace Period For New Photo Standard
William Yates of the USCIS issued a memo concerning the change in Photo Standard.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
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Dear Editor:
You describe Rep. Tancredo as an "anti-immigrationist." I think this is an unfair characterization of Rep. Tancredo and others who are proponents of tougher immigration laws. I have never heard any of these proponents say that they are "anti-immigration," nor anything to that effect. What they are is anti-illegal immigration, as are most Americans. It is well established that all of us are products of immigration. However, my ancestors did not sneak into this country in the dead of night or blatently overstay their visas and just decide not to leave. They came in through the legal process that has been established by our nation. Just as I cannot come in to your house while you are away, people cannot and should not just walk in to this country. What they do is violate and cheapen the sacrifices and struggles of those who came to this country legally and waited their turn. If I were a person who has waited years to become a permanent resident and went through all the hoops to bring my family here, I would be pretty upset that someone else who jumped the border just gets to pay a fine and they are legalized in a matter of weeks. No one has said that people should not immigrate to this nation. What they are saying is that our freedom and blessings carry a high price. Men and women have and still die for them. To allow it to be given away is a dishonor to those who have watered our liberty tree with their blood.

Norman H. Potts, Texas

Dear Editor:
The terms "pro-immigration" and "anti-immigration" seem to be tossed around rather casually. Are there definitions approaching some degree of precision to these terms or do they just fall into the category of "good guys" and "bad guys"?

Bill Glenn


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New Office Address
Leon Rosen, past National President of AILA, is in his 50th year of immigration practice. He recently relocated from New York to Las Vegas, Nevada where he serves as special counsel to the Law Firm of Amesbury & Schutt, 703 South Eighth St. Las Vegas, NV 89101. Tel. # (702) 870-1444.

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