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Immigration Daily September 8, 2004
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We recently launched a new announcements section, ComingsNGoings, in Immigration Daily. We thank those who have already shared their professional announcements with us. We welcome professional announcements from immigration attorneys who work in all backgrounds, including: government, academia, non-profits, and others. All professional immigration attorney announcements are of interest to us. There is no charge for this service. Here are additional guidelines for submitting your ComingsNGoings announcement: (1) Announcements should adhere to a 75-word limit (2) Locations are limited to US and Canada (3) Email Addresses and website addresses are not included but phone numbers and mailing addresses are. Submit your professional announcement (including, but not limited to): new hires, new appointments, mergers and acquisitions, and new office locations, to


Distinguished Panelists For Removal Seminar

"The Three Rs: Removal, Relief and Review" features a number of distinguished practioners, as follows:

Lory Rosenberg is the founder of IDEA Legal Consultations (c), and presently is the director of the Defending Immigrants Partnership at the National Legal Aid & Defender Association. She is a featured columnist for Bender's Immigration Bulletin and an adjunct professor at American University, Washington College of Law. Ms. Rosenberg served as an appellate immigration judge on the United States Board of Immigration Appeals from 1995-2002, reviewing over 15,000 appeals and personally authoring over 500 opinions. She is the co?author of Immigration Law and Crimes, and writes, teaches and trains on the immigration consequences of crime, right to counsel, fair hearings, waivers, removal defense, and asylum/refugee law. She was elected in 2004 as a director on the AILA Board of Governors, where she previously served from 1988-91. Ms. Rosenberg practiced before INS, EOIR and the federal courts for 18 years and was the first director of the AILF Legal Action Center. She has a bachelor of fine arts degree in television and film production from New York University, and received her law degree from Northeastern University School of Law. Her work is guided by a strong belief in due process and the rule of law.

Lisa Brodyaga graduated in 1974 from Catholic University School of Law, Washington, D.C., and spent a year there teaching legal research and writing. She also spent a brief period at Antioch School of Law, creating a program to help special admittees, who were having difficulty making the grade by the end of their first year, and then moved to California. After two years in a law collective in San Jose, she came to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in 1977. Since 1981, Lisa have been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. At about that time, she became deeply involved with the work on behalf of the Central Americans, as a result of which, she co-founded Refugio Del Rio Grande, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) "refugee camp" on a 45 acre wilderness near San Benito, Texas, where she still serve as a volunteer attorney. Most of her current work is on behalf of lawful permanent residents, caught up in the web of the 1996 amendments. The bulk of her practice consists of litigating immigration cases in the federal courts, although she still represent a few refugees and other immigrants (and U.S. citizens), in administrative proceedings.

Harvey Kaplan received his J.D. at Boston University in 1974, and his B.A. at Clark University in 1968. He established his own law firm in 1977. Harvey united forces with Maureen O'Sullivan and Jeremiah Friedman to form KAPLAN, O'SULLIVAN & FRIEDMAN in 1990. He has taught at Northeastern University School of Law from 1982 to the present time. He has also taught immigration law at Harvard Law School. Harvey has been named in "Best Lawyers in America" from 1991-present, and was the recipient of the American Immigration Lawyers Association's (AILA) first Mentor Award in 1992. Harvey was also the recipient of the Third Annual Carol King Award from the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild for excellence in the practice of immigration law. Recently, he received along with Maureen O'Sullivan, AILA's 2002 Elmer Fried Award for excellence in teaching immigration law.

Michael Maggio is a nationally recognized authority on numerous complex areas of immigration law . He is past President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association's (AILA) District of Columbia Chapter and Chief Legal Advisor to the Tahirih Justice Center (, as well as an adjunct professor of immigration law at American University's Washington College of Law for nine years. Mr. Maggio lectures and writes extensively, especially on waivers of inadmissibility and ethics. He has served as counsel on many significant cases decided by the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Courts, most notably, Filartiga v. Pena, the Alien Tort Act case that first established the now well- settled proposition that aliens may sue in U.S. courts for human rights violations abroad. Mr. Maggio was named last year by The Washingtonian Magazine as one of the "75 Best Lawyers in Washington", and "Washington's Best Immigration Lawyer." He has been listed in the book, The Best Lawyers in America every year since 1991. His firm, Maggio Kattar, represents individuals, corporations and other institutions worldwide.

Zachary Nightingale is a 1996 graduate of Stanford Law School, who received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989, and a Masters degree in Mathematics from Stanford University in 1991. He has been with the firm since 1996. His practice focuses on deportation defense and federal court litigation, with an emphasis on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Mr. Nightingale was honored with the 2003 Jack Wasserman Memorial Award for excellence in litigation from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). He has spoken regularly at local and national conferences of AILA, and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and was a member of AILA's 2002 Annual Conference Program Committee.

Gail Pendleton is a nationally recognized advocate and expert on the immigrant provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and on asylum and human rights issues for immigrant survivors of violence. She also specializes on the impact of post 9/11 enforcement practices on immigrants' rights (with an emphasis on impacts for survivors of gender violence). Gail is a co-chair and co-founder of the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women, which is continuing to set important legal precedents for the rights of immigrant women at the federal level. Gail received the American Immigration Lawyers Association's (AILA) Human Rights Award in 2001 and the National Lawyers Guild's Carol King award for promoting social justice in 2002. She received her undergraduate degree in 1981 from Harvard/Radcliffe, and her J.D. in 1985 from NYU School of Law.

The deadline to register for this info-packed seminar series is Tuesday, September 14th. For more info, detailed curriculum, and registration information, see: (Fax version:


A Response To CIS's Article, "The High Cost of Cheap Labor Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget"
Frank Sharry et al. of the National Immigration Forum write "The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigration advocacy group that masquerades as an objective "think tank," has issued yet another "study" that concludes with the same "findings" and "policy implications" as virtually every other CIS report."

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Termination Of Alien Found To Be Not In Good Faith
In the Matter of Innawalli vs. American Information Technology Corporation, 2004-LCA-13 (July 29, 2004), the Office of Administrative Law Judges said that the termination of Employee Alien was not made in good faith and was not genuine, but instead entailed simulation and pretense.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Bratter Krieger LLP, a full service immigration law firm located in Miami Beach, FL seeks experienced paralegals to join its winning team. Paralegals must have minimum 2+ years experience in all business (NIVs-E, H, L, and O/P's) and family immigrant visa categories; EB-1 experience preferred. Bilingual language skills are required. Bratter Krieger LLP offers an excellent working environment plus a competitive benefits package. Applicants should be organized and motivated. Salary is commensurate with experience. Submit cover letter and resume to Tanja M. Rose by fax: 305-695-4398 or e-mail:

J-1 Training Visa Sponsor
Discover the ease and flexibility of the J-1 training visa with Aiesec United States. At Aiesec, we provide an unparalleled commitment to customer service, offering 24 to 48 hour turnaround on approved J-1 training visa applications, free consultation on potential training programs and a wealth of information about J-1 training visa regulations. We also offer logistical and cultural reception services in several locations across the country. Our J-1 training visa can be used for individuals to participate in training programs in the following fields: Information Media and Communications, Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services, Management, Business, Commerce and Finance, The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations, Public Administration and Law. You can learn more about Aiesec and the J-1 training visa at or by calling Jim Kelly at (212) 757-3774 ext.222.

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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (275-words or fewer preferred).

Dear Editor:
How about The ImmiGREATion Source?

Jo Anne Chernev Adlerstein
Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner LLP

Dear Editor:
I don't have a quote but a slogan: It's a small world after all. Unless, you can turn it into a quote and credit Disneyland.

Alison Abdel-Shafy
San Francisco, California

Dear Editor:
Describing Immigration Daily: "Reporting and opinions on America's secure borders and open doors." This borrows from DOS Sec'y Colin Powell's often-repeated tag line describing State's mission.

Curt Castillo
Guardian Industries Corp.

Dear Editor:
UCIS's Logo is: "Securing America's Promise". ILW.COM's proposed logo should be: "ILW.COM: Educating the World How To Secure America's Promise."

David H. Nachman, Esq.
Nachman & Associates, P.C.

Dear Editor:
A Dream A Day, The Immigration Way or branching off from Brenda Collins' slogan: A World of News For Immigration Views

Beatrix Bong, Paralegal

Dear Editor:
Firstly, let me start by thanking you for your time and effort that you put everyday in Immigration Daily. It is informative and well documented, certainly among the best ones I am reading. Your articles are well written and provide a good image on how the immigration change and how people change because of it. Because of this I would like to propose a slogan :"Imigration: defining (people) and being defined (by people)". I thought this might be appropiate since Immigration Daily is likely finding its readership among immigrants which are the one most directly defined by it. The other part of your readers are likely immigration lawyers that are the ones working so hard on the forefront of immigration changes. The paranteses are optional should you find them necesary.


Dear Editor:
How about "Past is Prologue", from William Shakespeare?

Jennifer I. Peyton, Attorney At Law
Cleveland, OH

Dear Editor:
Here is my suggestion: Immigration Daily - E pluribus unum. I know, I know, it's already been used. Pierre Eugene DuSimitiere (1726-1784), a US (Swiss-born) naturalist, patriot and portrait painter, originally suggested this Latin phrase as the national motto of the United States of America, and it was selected by the first Great Seal committee in 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution. Translated from Latin, this phrase means, "From many, one" or "Out of many, one", and originally referred to the integration of the thirteen independent colonies into one united country. Since then, it has taken on an additional meaning, given the pluralistic nature of American society from immigration. It may not mean as much if one doesn't understand its origin, but to me - E pluribus unum describes precisely what it is about the idea of (and the ideal) America that I love. Anyway, those are my two cents' worth on the topic.

Name Withheld Upon Request

Dear Editor:
Slogan Suggestion for ILW.COM: ILW.COM - For the huddled masses yearning to be free.

Matthias Pfeiffer
CEO GreenCard Support Service Switzerland

Dear Editor:
Here are several suggestions: 1) Delivering the freshest immigration news 2) Your passport to knowledge 3) A daily dose of immigration news 4) Your personal immigration newstand 5) Have an immigration question? we have the answer 6) Read now, travel later.

Moza Yontov, Paralegal, Legal Solution Group, Inc.
Van Nuys, California

Dear Editor:
Here is my suggestion for Immigration Daily's slogan which is a famous quote and is the slogan of the Statue of Liberty. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore; Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Emma Lazarus, November 2, 1883

Lal Varghese, Attorney at Law

Dear Editor:
I vote for either the Collins or Lachter slogans.

Law Office of Adam Green
Los Angeles, California

Dear Editor:
How about, "The Joy of Immigration: Stand for the Melting-pot"?

Raed Gonzalez, Esq., Manuel Solis Law Firm

Dear Editor:
You should name Immigration Daily with an interesting word. Something not heard, every day. How about, "Beacon"? What does that mean? basically, a guiding light. A light like the one that Lady Liberty holds. Or Paul Revere held. And then you can do a visual. (p.s. yes, we survived the hurricane, but how about some emergency H-1B legislation to keep the economy going and help outsource other countries' good jobs.)

Michael Wingfield Walker, Townsend Immigration Group
Miami Beach, Florida

Dear Editor:
I usually receive Immigration Daily everyday. It is very informative and educative. It keeps me updated on immigration processes in the U.S. It is up to 3 days now and no Immigration Daily from you yet. Are you sure you did not omit my email address?

Maharazu Malami

Editor's Note: Immigration Daily publishes an issue each business day, except for holidays and weekends. Because of the holiday weekend, Immmigration Daily did not publish an issue for three days.


Readers can share their professional announcements (75-words or less at no charge), email:

Mergers & Acquisitions
Quan, Burdette & Perez, P.C. is pleased to announce that Pinchak & Associates has merged its practice with the firm, effective September 1, 2004. Ann Pinchak was recently named a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly Magazine. With the addition of Pinchak & Associates, Quan, Burdette & Perez will have a total of twenty-one attorneys with offices in Houston and San Antonio.

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