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Immigration Daily September 21, 2004
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Registration Deadline Is Tuesday, September 21st

Tuesday, September 21st is the deadline to register for "Sanctuary! Stratagems To Winning In Asylum Practice" - a three part (90 min each) telephonic seminar on cutting-edge issues in asylum law. The panelists include distinguished experts on asylum: Joseph A. Vail, Mark S. Davidson, Regina Germain, Nancy Kelly, Kirsten Schlenger, Mark Von Sternberg, Lynn Susser and Virgil Wiebe. For more info, detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, see: (Fax version:


Coping With An Outdated I-9: Pitfalls & Pointers
Josie Gonzalez writes "Today, employers struggle to complete the outdated new-hire I-9 immigration form that contains documents no longer in circulation and fails to include a myriad of commonly used, and more recently issued work authorization documents."

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USCIS On Common E-filing Mistakes
The USCIS issued information on how to avoid common e-filing mistakes.

Vice-President Cheney Speaks On Securing Our Borders
During a Q&A town hall meeting, Vice-President Cheney said, "...and we need to do everything we can to make certain that we're open for legal immigration."

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Case Management Technology
INSZoom recently launched its Global Immigration Edition. This state-of-the art product helps International Immigration law firms process Immigration petitions for up to 50 countries through a single software. Law firms can now file, track & manage the status of their corporate clients' cases globally. Besides Forms and Case Management, many advanced and unique concepts are offered to increase efficiency in your immigration operations. Your Clients may update their profile information online in 50+ languages, check case status and generate numerous reports online. INSZoom also offers help in maintaining I-9s, LCA, International Taxation, Export Control and other Immigration Compliance issues for your Corporate Clients. Rest assured that you are working with the most comprehensive, secure, simple and strategic immigration case management software available. Two options are available: (1) direct office/network installation or (2) a web-based solution - this 2nd option requires no additional hardware/software purchases - just sign-up, log-in and go. Contact us for a free guided tour today at 925-244-0600 or

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
The Law Office of Helga M. Carson, an established immigration firm in Palo Alto, California, is seeking an Associate Attorney with a minimum of one year experience in business immigration law. Applicants should be well organized and motivated. Excellent working environment and competitive benefits. For information about the firm, visit Email resume to Karen Chow-Gregory at or fax to (650) 326-9881.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Fast-paced, nationally recognized, Washington, D.C. immigration law firm seeks highly motivated, detail-oriented paralegals for challenging and exciting work in a congenial, supportive work environment. Immigration experience, strong organizational, writing & interpersonal skills required. Competitive salary/benefits and career advancement possibilities. Visit Send resume, writing sample, salary requirements + references to Amal Talhame at: No calls please.

Credential Evaluation And Translation Service
Do you need a free initial consultation regarding an educational evaluation? American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS) provides free reviews of educational documentation. AETS will review the educational documentation submitted and call/email to update you on the exact U.S. educational equivalency. AETS' competitive prices for educational evaluations are: ($50 - 10 business days), ($70 - 5 business days), ($90 - 3 business days), ($100 - 24-hrs), ($125 - same-day) turn-around. AETS also provides 'Expert Opinion' Work Experience and Position Evaluations completed by PhD university professors that start at ($200 - 10 business days) service. For a complete list of prices and turn-around times, see: In addition, AETS provides certified translations in 100+ languages, with translators that are specialists in 80+ fields. To receive a copy of the Application for Credential Evaluation and Translation Services, contact AETS at (786) 276-8190,, or

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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred).

Dear Editor:
With regard to ImmTalk, ImmLog, InfoNet Message Center, you might want to include some kind of caveat that DHS and other government agencies, as well as the public (their clients) likely have access to at least read any postings on these sites.

Name Withheld Upon Request

Editor's Note: This correspondent brings up an important point which everyone who uses ImmTalk, and/or ImmLog, and/or InfoNet Message Center should keep in mind. Electronic communications are to some degree inherently insecure. We understand that unauthorized access to all these three fora occurs regularly by a variety of individuals and institutions. This includes anti-immigration organizations, government employees seeking to improve services to immigrants, and possibly includes government employees with other intentions. We urge those attorneys who use these powerful practice tools to be aware of this issue when posting messages. Even with this disadvantage, we believe that electronic listservs serve an important function in the bar so we continue to urge attorneys to avail themselves of these powerful practice aids.

Dear Editor:
I am having problems opening links in Immigration Daily. I have AOL service and even after I enable all links, I still cannot open any of your links. Please let me know as to how to proceed/what to do?

Marijan Cvjeticanin, Esq., Flowerson & Flowerson
New York

Editor's Note: Problems with AOL links are one of the oldest issues on the Internet. Over 99% of the time, these can be solved and cutting and pasting the link into your web browser (like Internet Explore, Netscape Navigator, etc). If this problem persists, after trying the cut and paste solution, there may be issues other than AOL involved.

Dear Editor:
Illegal aliens are nothing more than a meal ticket for these lawyers and employers looking for a way to line their pockets with more fees and cheap labor.


Dear Editor:
Can you point me to gender statistics on K-1 visas? I am curious how many women file vs. men. You often see the phrase "mail order bride", but never "mail order husband."

Joe Melton

Dear Editor:
LL may be right that many "Americans" outside of DC support enforcement of the immigration laws. However, the devil is always in the details. I get many, many calls from individual Americans who have come into contact with a "very special case of a person without papers" or "an incredible family without papers but who are the sort of people we need in this country" or "these two great workers who we always thought were legal." Any roundup of all the folks living here in the US without documents would encompass these many unique, special individuals. And I question whether the majority of Americans would welcome or even tolerate mass deportations that included these individuals, particularly when the word gets out that there is no realistic way for these individuals to return to the US for a decade or more. Should workplace raids and related mass deportations ever become the norm, I presume that LL also believes that the majority of Americans would welcome strict enforcement of laws pertaining to employers who have been making it possible for those being deported to work throughout the US.

Nancy Taylor Shivers

Dear Editor:
Please let us know the purpose of phone sessions on the PERM issue and how it helps implementation of PERM? What influence does your organization have to help reduce backlog of LC applications and what role do you play in expediting the process of Labor Certification?


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