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Immigration Daily September 23, 2004
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32 Slogans

Many thanks to all 32 individuals who submitted their suggestions for an ILW.COM slogan/quote. To see all the suggestions on one page, see here (for our readers' convenience, we have numbered every entry). While we have not finalized our decision, we would like to clarify a few points: We welcome all slogans/quotes, regardless of length. The placement of the final selection, however, will depend upon its length; a short slogan would appear on ILW.COM's masthead at the top of the page, while a long quote would appear on the bottom of each Immigration Daily page. We especially like #1, #2(a), #18, and #21, but we have not made any final decisions yet. They are as follows (not in order of preference):

  • Immigration - the best is yet to come (Margo Einsig, Immigration Paralegal, Barley Snyder)
  • It ain't over til the alien wins (Mark Krikorian)
  • Immigration Daily - E pluribus unum (Anonymous)
  • "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore; Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door." - Emma Lazarus (Lal Varghese, Attorney at Law)
While we have received a number of slogan ideas, very few quotes have been submitted. We hope that our readers will continue to send us more suggestions, especially quotes, before we stop to consider and decide. Please take a look at the entries to date and send your ILW.COM slogan/quote suggestion to:


The Lawyer's Guide To 212(a)(5)(A): Labor Certification From 1952 To PERM

Gary Endelman's "The Lawyer's Guide To 212(a)(5)(A): Labor Certification From 1952 To PERM", includes the following parts:

I. Introduction: Where We Came Out
II. Legislative History: Present At The Creation
III. Devil Is In The Details: What Was In The Regs?
IV. IMMACT 90: The Chance Not Taken
V. Here Come The Judge: What The Courts Have To Say
VI. Conclusion: Where Do We Go From Here?

This article, seven years in the writing, is the most definitive study of the labor certification statute, regulations, and litigation ever published. With PERM likely to be published (finally!) around November, it is required reading for all those with a serious stake in labor certification. It will be published in Immigration Daily in the next couple of months, but those who sign up for our seminar "Preparing For PERM With Joel Stewart" will receive a special pre-publication copy of the entire article. The deadline to register is Tuesday, September 28th. For more info, detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, see: (Fax version:

Prepare your practice for PERM by registering for this information-packed seminar and receive your special pre-publication copy of The Lawyer's Guide To 212(a)(5)(A): Labor Certification From 1952 To PERM by Gary Endelman. Don't delay, register today!


Immigrating the Spouse and Children of Refugees/Asylees
Anastasia Brown and Charles Wheeler write "Fortunately, refugees and asylees can immigrate their spouse and unmarried children much faster by classifying them as derivatives."

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245(i) Contemplates Reasonable Continuances Due To Delays At DOL
In Subhan v. Ashcroft, No. 03-3869 (7th Cir. Sep. 7, 2004), the court said that the court said that the denial by the IJ of a continuance because of delays by the Illinois SWA and the US Department of Labor without assigning any statutorily sound reason was contrary to the intent of Congress as enacted in 245(i) of the INA.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
The Law Office of Helga M. Carson, an established immigration firm in Palo Alto, California, is seeking an Associate Attorney with a minimum of one year experience in business immigration law. Applicants should be well organized and motivated. Excellent working environment and competitive benefits. For information about the firm, visit Email resume to Karen Chow-Gregory at or fax to (650) 326-9881.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred).

Dear Editor:
My condolence and deep sympathy to his family and friends.

Alex Azzam, Esq., Immigration Law Service
Detroit, MI

Dear Editor:
I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Arthur Zabenko. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Lucia Mitro Simon

Dear Editor:
In response to Nancy Taylor Shivers letter, let me restate the last sentence in my previous letter: "We need strict enforcement of our current immigration law and aggressive prosecution of employers who hire illegal aliens." Yes, I believe the support would be extremely strong for enforcement of both the immigration law and employer sanctions. I also believe that if aggressive enforcement of workplace violations had been in place since 1986, as it was supposed to, we would have far fewer illegals here. If we ever hope to stem the flood of people coming here for economic reasons then we have to remove the incentive, the jobs they are taking from not only US citizens but resident aliens who followed the rules and came legally. The devil is always in the details, that doesn't change the fact that something drastic has to be done in order to restore some order to the immigration fiasco. History has proven that another amnesty won't do that. And I still haven't seen anyone even try to argue that it will. All I have heard or read is that amnesty is the only thing we can do, it isn't. We just need people with enough gumption to do what is right, not what is politically correct.


Dear Editor:
I do not understand why it matters whether one signs his name or not when what matters is the content of the message. For example, why do we allow 3 million illegal aliens in the US when only 1 million entered legally? Why is it too costly to deport all illegal aliens but do nothing to prevent them from draining billions out of our social services?

O. Sanchez

Dear Editor:
How about, "Stranger No More".

Julio Cesar Ortiz, Senior Reporter Univision

Dear Editor:
Brandon Meyer makes an excellent point except there is one mistake in his argument. Criminal lawyers do not encourage murder and other violent crimes while immigration lawyers spend a lot of time and money lobbying for another amnesty for illegal aliens.


Dear Editor:
I read with interest Immigration Daily's item in the August 3rd issue entitled, "USCIS Announces Changes In Photo Standard". I cannot open the links and want to learn the updated photo requirement by USCIS.


Editor's Note: The documents you refer to are pdf documents which open using Adobe Acrobat within Internet Explorer or another web browser. Closing all open browser windows and reclicking on the link usually works in such situations. If that doesn't work, you may want to reboot and try again.


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New Office
We are pleased to announce the opening of the "Law Offices of Anna Shilov". We handle a full range of Immigration and Nationality Law cases as well as Adoption and Real Estate Law matters. We speak Russian and French and serve clients from all over the globe. We are located right across the street from the CIS at 321 S. Plymouth Court, Suite 1525, Chicago, Illinois, Tel: 312-662-0062 and Fax: 312-663-5252.

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