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Immigration Daily September 15, 2010
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Comment: Obama Insults Immigrants - A recent article in Politico quoted President Obama on immigration matters. Mr. Obama's statements appear below, together with our comments.
Mr. Obama: "I think that in some ways there is an unrealistic notion of what I can get done by myself .The thinking seems to be that if I make a speech and if I am absolutely persuaded - or persuasive - that somehow the Republican leadership in the Senate is going to change their mind and they're going to say, 'You know what? The president is right and we should have done this all along.' And that's just not how things work." Comment: Mr. Obama would be believable in blaming the legislature if he had already acted to deliver such immigration benefits as are within his sole and unrestricted executive power (such as granting TPS to all the undocumented). Not only has he not done that, members of his Administration (particularly ICE Chief Morton) go around proudly boasting about the number of American families that they break-up every day. Mr. Obama has earned the appellation "Deporter-in-Chief". To blame Republicans in a legislature with overwhelming Democratic majorities for (in)actions completely under the President's executive control is insulting to immigrants.
Mr. Obama: "I know that within the Latino press, at least, there's been this constant commentary, 'Well, he had 60 votes for health care, why couldn't he get 60 votes for immigration reform?' . And I just want to remind everybody: actually, after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, I only had 59 votes. I didn't have 60. I had 59 votes for health care. The only reason that we were able to get that passed was we had already had a vote in the Senate just barely to get it done; just barely were we able to get it done." Comment: It was the Democratic leadership, emphatically including Mr. Obama, which chose to prioritize the healthcare bill over immigration (which healthcare bill, nota bene, will soon be de-funded by the incoming Republican House). Mr. Obama cannot pass the buck on the responsibility for making the cold political choice of pursuing one long-sought Democratic goal over the long-term benefits of locking-in the immigrant vote (which would make many long-sought Democratic goals achievable). We congratulate the Latino press, particularly Univision, for pointing out the obvious: the current Democratic leadership appears to believe that the statement "immigrants must wait" is written into our constitution, that every other priority must precede immigration. The current Democratic leadership, including Mr. Obama and Speaker Pelosi willingly sacrificed many Democratic seats for the climate bill, which of course, died in the Senate. On immigration, however, Mr. Obama appears to believe that Univision's audience can easily be fooled by sophistry.
Mr. Obama: "The only thing that I just ask is that within the community, people understand I can't snap my fingers and make this happen. And so I think what has been interesting is the degree to which people have expressed frustration for me, somebody who supports comprehensive immigration reform, and less criticism sometimes of the people who oppose immigration reform. That doesn't make sense. I am as strong an ally as anybody has ever been in this Oval Office when it comes to solving this problem." Comment: Mr. Obama alleges that he supports CIR. Words are cheap. Strong actions on his part to further CIR are conspicuous by their absence. Mr. Obama's predecessor repeatedly expended significant political capital to push for immigration benefits, against powerful opposition in his own party. The clear historical record demonstrates that no one who has ever occupied the Oval Office pushed harder for immigrants than did Mr. George W. Bush. In contrast, Mr. Obama has not offered anything beyond rhetoric. There is no TPS for all, ICE and CBP continue to run amuck, there is no amelioration in the anti-immigrant culture at USCIS, hundreds of thousands of American families continue to be broken each year (for which Mr. Obama's minions take "credit"), and Mr. Obama rubs salt into immigrants' wounds by insinuating that he is an "ally".
Mr. Obama will face the people again in about 2 years, thanks to the blessings of democracy that our country enjoys. Mr. Obama has till then to take bold and muscular actions to deliver such immigration benefits as are within his executive discretion to provide. For our country's sake, we hope that Mr. Obama will see the positive in the hostile stories in the immigrant press - these stories highlight a problem that he still has the power to address. If he does nothing but talk, he will learn the hard way that the "immigrant vote" is a reality in this nation of immigrants, not a historical artifact of a hundred years ago. Its presence and absence will both be felt on election day, 2012.

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Focus: US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The Lawyer's Complete Guide
Our new book on tax compliance for immigrants and employers authored by noted authority Paula Singer is shipping now. The outline is as follows:

  • International Aspects of Individual U.S. Tax Returns
  • A Guide for Filing IRS Forms 1042 and 1042-S
  • U.S. Taxation of H-1B Specialty Workers
  • U.S. Taxation of B-1 Business Visitors
  • U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students
  • L-1 Intracompany Transferees on U.S. Assignment
  • What You Need to Know About Exchange Visitors
  • J-1 Nonstudent Exchange Visitors Performing U.S. Services
  • Tax Treaty Benefits for Foreign Nationals Performing U.S. Services
  • Appendix includes Treaties/Agreements and Sample Letters
  • CD-ROM includes 50+ IRS Forms, 16 IRS Publications, useful web links
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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Memphis, TN - Siskind Susser's Memphis office seeks an experienced paralegal to join the employment-based immigration team. Experience in physician immigration, I-9/E-Verify/employer compliance, entertainment/sports and/or general business immigration are all a plus. Please email resume to Greg Siskind at No calls please and no candidates from recruiters at this time.

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Muslim World Expert Professor Shaul M. Gabbay, Phd, offers expert testimony in immigration cases from Muslim countries/societies, including the former USSR. Dr. Gabbay prepared reports and testified in 250+ Immigration cases nationwide (asylum, cancellation of removal, asylum interviews, hardship waivers) with a 93% success rate. Examples of what Immigration lawyers say: ... "He is a consummate scholar and passionate about his subject ... He makes a wonderful witness... He is riveting on the witness stand, helping us win nearly unwinnable cases with aplomb. He has won the praise of numerous Immigration Judges." (Svetlana Schreiber, Esq.) ... "He provided the testimony we needed in numerous asylum cases ... in virtually all of those cases, but for the expert witness testimony, I doubt the cases would have been approved, I recommend Professor Gabbay to anyone with issues involving Islamic society and culture." (Stephen Berman, Esq.) ... "His testimonies, whether written or oral, are credible, persuasive, and non-refutable. I have never lost a single case which had Dr. Gabbay on as an expert witness." (Ally Bolour, Esq.). Contact Professor Gabbay with any questions. He can also recomend country experts outside his specialty. Professor Shaul M. Gabbay, Phd, Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver,, (303) 871-2560.

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