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Business Travel: It's Shapes/Forms and Challenges

Speakers: Jet Stigter (Discussion Leader), Azeem Bakhtiar, Maria Ferre, Bruna Frota, Diem Ngo, Anna Ngueyn, Jennifer Tavern, and others to be announced.

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Each call features an hour of analysis, strategy and practice tips, followed by questions and answers from participants. MCLE Credits in CA, TX and other states (click here for more details).


FIRST Phone Session on June 26, 2014 - Business Travel, High-Volume Countries, and Case Scenarios

  • Business Travel
    • Overview
      • What is a business trip?
      • Visa exempt nationals
      • Entry visas
    • Duration
      • One-time
      • Multiple-entries
    • Activities
      • Usual allowable activities
      • Productive work/grey areas
  • High-Volume Countries
    • U.S. Business Visas
      • What is allowed
      • Duration
    • Brazil/Singapore/Canada/India/UK/China/Schengen/Australia
      • Examples of allowable activities
      • Work pass exempt activities
  • Case Scenarios
    • FAQs
    • Case by Case

SECOND Phone Session on July 24, 2014 - Compliance

  • Managing your business travelers program
    • Defining business travelers
    • Business needs vs. common compliance risks
    • Penalties
    • Who owns enforcement within your company: legal or global mobility?
  • Best practices
    • Policies and tools being used by your company to assess and track business travelers
  • Country specific examples
  • Questions

THIRD Phone Session on August 7, 2014 - Short Term Work Authorization

  • Purpose
    • Why use short term processes?
    • Benefits/Risks
  • Types of Short Term Work Authorization
    • Work allowed as a Business Visitor
      • Switzerland
        1. 8 Day Rule
      • China
        1. M Business Visa
    • Work allowed by Short Term Work Permit
      • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
        1. Short Term Work Visit Visa
      • Nigeria
        1. Temporary Work Permit
    • Parameters for Use
      • Visa validity
      • Visa duration
      • Number of entries allowed
      • Extensions
  • Trends
    • How are countries adapting to changes in global business models?
      • Tightening of immigration requirements in global markets
      • Acknowledgement that business concerns drive compliance levels
        1. Creation of short term work authorization/business visitor flexibilities to accommodate business needs
  • Case Studies
    • Ireland
      • Irregular Working Scheme
        1. Short Term Projects
        2. Internships
    • Brazil
      • 90 Technical
      • 1 year Technical
    • South Africa
      • 11(2)


Jet Stigter (Discussion Leader) is a Director in Berry Appleman & Leidenís San Francisco office. Ms. Stigter's practice involves counseling employers on all aspects of global immigration, including strategic resource planning for global projects on behalf of multinational corporations as well as assessing best practices to meet the needs of individual clients. Her expertise spans the immigration laws of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Ms. Stigter also advises clients on U.S. immigration matters.

Azeem Bakhtiar is an Associate in Berry Appleman & Leidenís San Francisco office. Mr. Bakhtiarís practice includes counseling clients on global migration issues and helping companies develop efficient, effective, and compliant global mobility practices for their employees.

Maria Ferre is an Associate in Berry Appleman & Leidenís San Francisco office. Ms. Ferre represents domestic and international corporate clients in cross-border immigration matters. She also advises nonprofit organizations and corporations on compliance issues, and provides business-oriented solutions for the worldwide placement of international personnel. She has extensive experience with entry, work, and residency processes across the globe. Ms. Ferre also has significant experience in U.S. immigration processes, including employment-based immigration benefits, corporate compliance, and family-based immigration.

Bruna Frota is an Associate in the Houston office of Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP. She concentrates her practice on global immigration matters and US immigration and nationality law, advising clients in a broad range of nonimmigrant visas. She has experience in US and Brazilian immigration laws. For a variety of clients, Ms. Frota has secured family-based immigrant visas and nonimmigrant employment-based visas, such as H-1Bs, L-1s, TNs, and E-1/E-2s. Her clients include large multinational corporations and regional companies in various industries. While working for a local law firm, Ms. Frota also represented EB-5 Immigrant Investors.

Anna Ngueyn is an Associate in Berry Appleman & Leidenís San Francisco office. Ms. Nguyen counsels domestic and international clients on cross-border immigration matters. She also advises corporations on compliance issues and provides business-oriented solutions for the assignment of international personnel around the world.

Jennifer Tavern is an Immigration Manager in the Dallas office of Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP. She is the primary point of contact for several US-based clients and advises on all types of global immigration matters. Additionally, she assists clients with strategic planning for their global relocations and oversees the various BAL practices procurement of work visas for their clientsí international workforce.

Diem Ngo is an Associate in the Houston office of Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP. Ms. Ngo focuses on corporate global immigration matters for multinational companies in a variety of industries including energy, procurement, construction, and engineering. Specifically, she assesses clientsí global migration needs, develops and facilitates short-term and long-term migration strategies, and helps to navigate clients through a range of international immigration systems. These include Brazil, India, China, and the United Kingdom.



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