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Immigrant's Weekly September 11, 2006
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Gov. Schwarzenegger On Immigration

California Governor Schwarzenegger's recent op-ed offers advice and his perspective on the immigration debate. See here for the op-ed.

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Choosing Words Carefully: Language To Help Fight Islamic Terrorism
Douglas E. Streusand and Harry D. Tunnell IV write "The US must do more to communicate its message. Reflecting on Bin Ladin's success in reaching Muslim audiences, Richard Holbrooke wondered, "How can a man in a cave outcommunicate the world's leading communications society?"


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Dear Weekly Editor:
In my opinion, paying a 1,000 dollars for "premium processing" is just a waste of money. Why would anybody require "premium processing" for EB3 professionals or skilled workers when this applications usually takes about 2-4 weeks to process and even if you process it in two weeks the backlog for EB3 is way behind, a month difference wouldn't be significant. Why donít they do "premium processing" for I-485? In my opinion all applications should be premium processed because they are being paid for. That would make a lot more sense.

Alejandro Garci

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