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Immigrant's Weekly Feb 19, 2007
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Anne Frank: An Immigration Policy Casualty

According to papers released this week, Anne Frank's father desperately tried to arrange for U.S. visas for his family starting April of 1941, more than a year before they had to go into hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. His efforts were hampered by tightened immigration policy and a wait list of over 300,000 for U.S. immigration visas. The diary kept by Anne during her two years of hiding was found by her father after the war, and became one of the most widely read books of the twentieth century. Anne Frank died of typhus at age 15 in a concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen, Germany, in 1945.

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H-1B Visas
Gregory Siskind, Esq writes "For thousands of American employers, the H-1B visa program is the primary method for bringing in professional level foreign employees. The visa has been the subject of considerable media attention in recent years because Congress has set limits on the numbers of workers allowed in on H-1B visas."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
Are these people out of their minds? What is there problem? I am very annoyed and fed up with people that have so much hatred towards other human beings just like them. We are to help those who need help and try to understand people that are struggling. The KKK are so selfish and ignorant. I just pray to God that He rebukes them and keeps those people entertained in some way. Thank you for the information.


Dear Weekly Editor:
Yes, I'm thinking after all the history of white's in particulair being accused of prejudice, now we start thinking that perhaps we are being more prejudiced against than any other group. This argument goes back in history, and is rendered as the whites quilty of everything and in todays world only whites are being prosecuted and the terrorists go on their merrry way. I think a lot of people have been thinking that issues aren't what we've been indoctinated into thinking. We whites are quilty without access to justice because we are white, Now the KluKluxKlan is becoming active again and thought their thinking of whites as a master race is flawed, their mentality has impact, because the groups of citizens who lawfully sign petetions, unions that are without violence, are ignored. This leaves only uncontrollable groups like the burning of Watts in LosAngeles, the illigals protesting, and now the KKK, and finally the unions must be recognized. At this point in history, the longer groups are ignored, will only cause bigger crack in the proverbial dam of problems, just waiting for a historical triggering mechanism. The central theme is the white population primarily of those that immigrated from Europe from 1620 thru the early decades of the 1900's are beginning to see, they have been dealt a poor and unfiar hand. Now, we're seeing from the worst elements of society, a valid point. The KKK, brings one point to the surface that whites having been under the law to be lesser citizens are beginning to claim their own dignity and rights. Now we have a war involving billion of Islamics, generations of blacks who have not advantaged of the attempts to pull them up to be of value in the work force. Then we have illigals children to educate, provide medical, and 80% of our country is foreign owned, and whites with masters degrees of engineering are being unemployed due to outsourcing, manufacturers moving plants abroad, or work being outsourced to othe countries. India will have four million graduates with no opportunity in India, so they're targeting the United States, of which is losing one million jobs annually. The crime rate has moved from 4% serious crime to 6% in two years which is a fifty percent increase in serious crime. Unfortunately our president projects an image that 'all is fine' except for the war. This denial, silence, posture that all is fine, is in itself a very loud signal, that things couldn't be worse for the quality and standard of life in the country. It is a sad commentary for all the intelligence our universities, a well educated government, to default on addressing the plight of white americans, and all workers in the lower middle class. In disregarding the prayers of the peple whom have presented their views in accords with the political system, it now becomes apparrent that the only voices that impact our leaders will come from those who defy the dejure and recognize defacto. This is most sad as we see groups arise with hatred and injustice with their own ranks. How the white american ever became the object of rath and hatred of the factions of race, gender, whom had not, the injustice to the majority of the republic being white now surfaces as a legitimate injustice against the immigrants and their heirs who immigrated during the last 400 years. As a white caucasions, we now intrepet all the legislation as being prejudiced against the decendants historic settlers of America. It is a sad day when we begin to see some merit in such hiddeous groups as the KKK, but they have now a valid point although I do not believe in the persecution they portray against blacks and illigals. Its time our government grew up and represented all citizens. Laws against discrinimation of race, sex, imply a continuing message that the caucasions that created the social institutions were somehow at fault, which is error. Now, concernign health care, if all cannot avail of services, than none should be awarded privileges. Thiose groups that had previously been determined minorities, or classes being prejudiced against had had ample time to improve their lot, and its time to make all citizens with equal access to justice. The white male has had no venue to offer a prayer for justice. This situaiton in itself is unjust. The legislation has created a superior class of citizens from those previously crying race or sex discrimination. Concerning illigals, France's demography has changed 80% due to illigals, The U.K. is setting up programs in Africa to thwart the boats of a population explosion globally invading all industrial giants. Likewise America is having this argument of equality, while it is now the time to keep our immigration laws, but to realize that overseas workers at $250 a month is legitimate to offset the pressued lower middle class. Illigals, as practiced worlwide, need be hired thru work programs and not entitled to public facilities, roads, built for the citizens. Overseas workers into the states are not citzens, not eligible for comparable wages, jobs. With expliding populations in the world, it is unjust to citizens to share their heritage. In the mideast, South America, Africa, whites from the states are forbidden to hold jobs. In the mideast, americans must stay in compounds seperate from the native population. I'm afraid, the days have come when we must recognize international standards and treat illigals likewise. the American middle class has given enough and its time to vantage the elderly, those 'do it yourself' generation of americans with allowing american servents from other countries to help them now. 30,000 Filipinos worked in Lebenon, and were paid 2 payments of wages out of eight months work or $250 for two months. This is globally recognized and it would appear America's middle class should vantage, not compete, with a world overflowing with people.

David Utterback


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