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Immigrant's Weekly July 30, 2007
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Economic Impact Of Immigration

A report from the President's Council of Economic Advisers on "Immigration's Economic Impact" concludes, "Our review of economic research finds immigrants not only help fuel the Nation's economic growth, but also have an overall positive effect on the income of native-born workers."

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Xochilt's Tacos: A Metaphorical First Step Towards Healing the Emerging Racial Rift In Modern American Society.
Robert Gittelson writes "If the immigrant population shoulders the need for assimilation with the same energy and dedication that they continually display in the workplace, they will achieve the assimilation that they require and deserve... Our illegal immigrant population should rest assured that while they have already paid a steep price to come here, and will still need to pay further steep costs in terms of money, energy, and patience to become Americans, they should know that they will have gotten the bargain of their lives, even if they had paid twice the price."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
I'm very upset because nobody focuses on the real problem : the huge backlog in the 5 or 4 categories in preferences visas. I'm a citizen's sibling and If you read the visa bulletin I will have to wait¡ 12 years¡ to enter legally to your country, that's why people choose to enter illegaly. I'm against Bush's immigration bill because it is a menace to family reunification. I read every day newspapers and very few effort is put on this issue besides longer waiting times encourages people to endeavor authority and break law. Is there a list of organization pro-reduction visa's backlog?

Ray Munoz

Dear Weekly Editor:
My family like hundreds of thousands of Mixed Status families has no form of Immigration Relief other than the illusive 601 Waiver. The recent failed Immigration Reform Legislation had no provision that I am aware of for the family members of Aliens who entered the US Legally but had problems navigating the system legally and failed to maintain status. Now suffering under the lash of the 10 year bars families like mine struggle with the prospect of not having any hope for a solution. Other LPR families face 5-7 year separations because of different bad laws on the books. I was contacted by, an organization that focuses on lobbying Legislators for relief for family members of LPR's, US Citizen mixed status families. They also work on the issue of age out and security check delays. Since my husbands deportation I have had the opportunity to meet other people in the same situation as me which has been a tremendous source of support and comfort during the deportation process. Of course going to DC to lobby legislators personally takes away some of the feeling of helplessness and reassures me that this issue cannot be swept under the rug. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so if we continue to band together to approach those responsible and confront them for thier bad decision in 1996, we perhaps can eventually get a legislator who has the courage and conviction to produce a bill that will repeal the 10 year bar, and take care of these other issues as well. Its my hope that your readership will band together with us if they have reached a legal dead end, and join the fight to change legislation. Our next DC visits will be in September. I also hope your affiliated attorneys will refer family members to our organization for moral support. I know for me American Families United and DWN kept me from going insane during my husbands deportation process.

Nancy Kuznetsov

Dear Weekly Editor:
What wider lessons should immigration advocates learn from this victory? That grass roots efforts are effective. Get involved talk to and pressure legislators to effect change in policy that violates human rights. We can do this.

Mirna Juarez


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