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Immigrant's Weekly December 10, 2007
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What Happened To Swift Jobs?

National Public Radio reports "A year ago, immigration agents arrested more than 1,200 illegal workers at Swift meat-packing plants in six states. The arrests set off a debate about whether immigrants take these grueling jobs from Americans... most of the Americans who lined up to get meat-industry jobs after the Swift raids never got out of training, or they got to the floor and lasted just a few hours - not days... In reality, the meat packing plants pay an average hourly rate of $11 or $12 - and no one is lining up to work there... In July, a Cargill plant in Beardstown, Ill., began running advertisements in Puerto Rico's capital city, San Juan."

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Section 245(i) - An Immigrant's Guide
Carl Shusterman writes "Section 245(i) has allowed thousands of our clients to adjust their status to permanent residents without leaving the U.S. The basics of how section 245(i) works are simple. However, because there are a myriad of INS/USCIS memos on the subject, often this section of law can help you in ways that you never dreamed were possible."

Immigrant's Weekly Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Are You Rooting For?
Make your vote count and find out what other Immigrant's Weekly readers think.

Immigrants Of The Week: Brian George, Oliver Smithies, Andrew Sullivan, Uri Geller, And Catalino Tapia
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

News Links For The Week
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Dear Weekly Editor:
I believe it isn't so much that they don't want immigration as it is they don't want illegal immigration. There are so many illegals here and more trying to get here that the people of this great nation are worried about thier ssi, health care, and having to support them on welfare. It would not be such a problem or subject if it weren't for so many illegals coming here for free health care having babies here and then living on welfare that is costing us taxpayers a billion dollars a year. Then they have the gall to raise the fees so many that are doing it right have to pay for the ones that don't.

John Wiseman

Dear Weekly Editor:
Someone must ask those Republican presidential candidates, whether they will support their own harsh rethorics, and if their own punitive, restrictive and xenophobic immigration laws were in place just right before their ancestors set their foot in the USA. Honestly, I was so curious about Mr. Tancredo answer would be if his own laws applied to his own grandpa just before he had the chance to immigrate here. I don't think his Sicilian Italian grandparents were rich, educated nor well deserved to be accepted as part of Americans by his grandson's today standard and laws. Republicans who believe in free market and enterprise, small government, personal liberty, lower taxes but expect government to impose protectionist trade and immigration policies to discourage free competition and market itself shouldn't call democrats as socialists then.

Robert Yang


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Illegal Mexican Exploitation


Can't We All Just Get Along?


I-601 and extreme hardship: strategies

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